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Sep 9, 2010 - Chinatimes

Chinatimes' reporter quoted Nbbbs' announcement to object TW Next Magazine's fabrication on Nbbbs.  Jery's agent, Zhang Shu Mei, indicates that actually Jerry wants to have good health more than anyone else.  He is following doctor's instructions at this time, going to bed and getting up early.  He also jogs every evening.  One doctor suggested that he should have more nutritious food, eating hotpot may get rid of the "cold" excess in the body, so he eats hotpot everyday. (kkla:   hope this is not true).

credits to and kkla

for more information regarding this news fabrication, logon to
I've read that TW Next Magazine went to nbbbs forum and copied some of the items posted and made an accusations about Jerry's leaving the Material Girl.

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