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Taiwan heartthrob Jerry Yan thinking about fatherhood

TAIPEI: Taiwan singer-actor Jerry Yan has become an uncle following the birth of his sister's son and revealed that he is thinking about fatherhood, reported Chinese media.

In a rare move by the fiercely private actor, Yan posted photos of his month-old infant nephew on his micro blogging account and gushed about becoming an uncle.

"Although it is really chaotic at home, but due to the addition of this little life, it has become filled with joy and laughter.

"It turns out taking care of a child is fun yet difficult, so everyone should be filial to their mothers!" said Yan in a post on Tuesday.

The former F4 member, who had only recently recovered from a bout of gastritis, was apparently overjoyed to have a nephew.

He wrote in another post on the same day about how he wanted to show his nephew "this beautiful world" before greeting his fans and calling himself "Uncle Sunshine".

When asked if he is thinking about fatherhood after being so enamoured with his nephew and his little co-stars in the drama "Down with Love", the 33-year-old star replied through his manager: "Yes!".

- CNA/ha

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