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DWL Photo Gallery Story

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 DWL Photo Gallery Story Part 2


The distance is further and further apart.
This is his desk.  On his desk, there is a photo of him with her. 
The happiest time was when they were still students.  He studied law when she aimed her goal joining the show business.
Constitutional Law #1 is "He loves her".  Constitutional Law #2 and #3...also are "He loves her".
Then he became a famous lawyer and she a popular artiste.
She concerns about her image.  Their love quietly turned underground. 
Their distance has become further and further apart.  The two smiling faces in the picture have become one piece of evidence for reference only. 


He said that he loved her personality of being independent and natural. 
She handmade a sweater for him.  Afterall, she doesn't have much money.  All she has is her warmth and also her heart. 
To her magic crystal ball, she made a wish for him to really treasure her.
However, as time goes by, the blue green color on the sweater hasn't diminished much, but his heart has changed quite a bit. 
She hasn't noticed, until that message on the answering machine.  It's an unknown woman's voice, with a flirtatious invitation. 
May be...the magic crystal ball didn't hear her wish. 


This is the first time he wants to run away from this relationship,
as through the love hidden underground, he can't breathe.

This is the first time she feels depressed.  She doubts whether it is she who is not good enough, not feminine enough. 


It's that simple.
All she wants is the magic crystal ball to give her a simple love relationship.  There is no need for extravagance.  Only two people walk side by side happily.  Eating ice-cream with big bites, she will wipe clean the ice-cream left at the corner of his mouth with her hand...

The love he wants is only as simple as being able to walk holding hands in the street.  If it is windy, he will thoughtfully fix her long, windy hair a little bit...


For the kind of lovers who can't be revealed publicly and who don't know how to treasure,
they can only be labelled as "Strangers".

He hopes that there is a smile which can melt his coldheartedness.
And she hopes to meet a person who likes her smile wholeheartedly. 

Same time slot, different dimensions.  Both have a desire for complement. 
Life...continue...both persons' stories...getting closer and closer


"Happy Birthday!"  She wished him happy birthday holding a cake with a short skirt. 
This is not the love he wants.  She is the No. 16 nanny he hired for his niece and nephew. 
What a trick with motive!

He doesn't understand why all the nannies he hired can't focus on their work, instead of trying their best to please him. 
This makes him uncomfortable.  After all, he has seen too many cases of pleasing each other with all kinds of tricks when being in love, but becoming enemies with bad words against each other after they break up. 
Furthermore, today is not his birthday!

May be he should have a drink with his friend, in order to forget all these behaviors by the nannies which leave him speechless.
Then next day, ask the secretary to find a nanny who won't fall for him, and who will take good care of the 2 little ones at home. 
After all, a nanny should be someone who helps lessen his burden, but not increase trouble. 

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