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What is Netiquette?

Am sorry Jerry Yan Friends and Online Readers, This comment I've read caught my attention.

Actually it stands for internet or network etiquette.
Every person who is active online should practice such kind of trait.

Pointers to consider from

Number 6 is the BEST EXAMPLE:

Stick to the topic when posting a message. Don't indiscriminately post unrelated comments, or worse--advertisements. This practice, known as SPAMMING.

:) What about this screencap? Is it related to JERRY YAN Fan Blog?

To the person in charge, am sorry to you. If you would like to promote your activity, YOU SHOULD EMAIL ME.

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  1. Nice Post. Netiquette is an essential part of internet communication these days. Even i tried to compile a list of netiquettes which i think are extreme essential to know. Here are 11 Simple Netiquettes of Good Internet Users. Have a look and let me know your comments.