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SETTV taps Rainie Yang and Jerry Yan for Fated to Love You sequel

Source: UDN
Written by: PA @

Nothing is confirmed but the management companies of both actors have been contacted by SETTV. “Fated to Love You” was a massive ratings success for the network back in 2008. They hope to recreate the same magic again with its sequel “醉後決定愛上你 (Drunken to Love You)” next year. As you might have heard already, SETTV has been in a slump (idol drama-wise) for most of this year ever since “Autumn’s Concerto” went off the air.

“Fated to Love You” director Chen Ming Zhang worked on many of the network’s biggest hits including “The Prince Who Turns into a Frog” and “My Lucky Star”. He moved on to direct more hit dramas for the mainland network HunanTV, but is now in hot water after the explosion accident on the set of his latest, “My Date with Spring”. Chen returned to Taiwan after the production team was disassembled. However, he has yet to answer any questions concerning the accident other than updating his blog. SETTV had wanted him to direct the sequel to "Fated" all along, but he originally turned it down due to scheduling conflicts. Now that “Spring” is on hold, he is rumored to be returning to SETTV to direct Drunken to Love You.

Many are awaiting Rainie Yang’s next drama after her big win at the Golden Bell last month. Her manager confirmed they have indeed received an offer but have yet to discuss any details. Jerry Yan’s manager said they are only in the early stages of contact. They haven't decided on whether they will accept the role.

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