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PhotoShoot Videos - Birthday Postcards in the Making :)

thanks to for providing the links :) Have a great new year! and Happy Birthday Jerry!!!

12-31-10 News - Happy Birthday Jerry!

According to HK's Headline news, in order to celebrate his birthday and thank his fans, Jerry especially invited Xiao Xiao Bin and his little brother, Mi Li Bin (meaning mini Bin), for taking photos with him.  In the studio, three people played like crazy and they were out of control

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[Contest Mechanics] A birthday treat from Jerryph.Blogspot

The contest has ended. THANK YOU FOR JOINING.

It's Jerry Yan's birthday and here's a treat for all of you courtesy of my fan blog,

[photo above] these are just minor goodies that I would like to giveaway! I still have to sort out some of
the Jerry stuffs at home. Unfortunately, it's holiday and I'll resume sorting after new year. Promise to
post everything once I settled those stuffs.

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Deadline of submitting of entries is on January 8, 2010
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Selection of winners will be drawn. I promise to document everything for fair results!

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[Contest from NBBBS] Happy Birthday Jerry

For all members of, kindly check out this Birthday thread for Jerry and join the fun. Contest starts on the date of Jerry's birthday and simply follow the instruction on the thread.

Here's the thread for Happy Birthday, Jerry treat from

Goodluck and Happy Birthday to Jerry!!!

Official Birthday Greetings

Wee Soek Yin translated into english: Jerry on New Year's birthday this year, the official website launch special birthday card to thank the fans for their support. In particular, he has worked with this similar drama "Down With Love" and the mini-bin little bin, along with shooting. The trio play crazy filming the scene, shooting out of control, so that photographers and staff seeking the audience. Unable to stop the trio looks so original filming a series of photos into three series.



Hi Friends, How are you!

I have a very good news for you.

To all who have been religiously visiting my blog, here's a treat for you.

I am giving away these not-that-so-old-but-worth-to-keep Jerry Yan stuffs! FOR FREE!!!!

As I am cleaning my closet tonight, I found soooooo many extra stuffs and I would like to share it with you!

Hopefully, I can post these stuffs before the 31st of December.

How to join?

Well, just keep on visiting this blog for instruction.

PS: For Metro Manila/Philippines residents only. Anyone that can be reached by FedEx/or/any courier service in the country. Courier is free of charge.

Advance Happy Birthday to Jerry.

NOTE: Oppps, the items are NOT FOR SALE. These are just extras and I want to keep a space in my closet for the future.

Jerry : Merry Christmas!
12/24 21:57 from sina weibo

言承旭Jerry : 聖誕快樂!
...12月24日 21:57 來自新浪微博

Jerry Yan replaces Vic Chou, shoots commercial with Cyndi Wang

The secretive nature of the shoot ignited a brawl between the crew and reporters

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan looks set to take on showbiz again.

Yesterday, a netizen reportedly saw Jerry Yan and Cyndi Wang at a little park in Taipei. The two celebrities were dressed in spring attires.

Conflict ensued when reporters went up to the crew for interviews. The crew reportedly hit the reporters and took away their cameras, attempting to erase their memory cards.

Cyndi expressed on her Weibo yesterday that she "was not going to be Cha Meile (her character in a new drama) today. I have to wear spring clothes for Master Kong Honey Jasmine Tea today. I hope the weather would be fine and warm."

Jerry's manager however said that they "would not reveal any details at the moment", declining to comment on the content of Jerry's work.

According to reports, Vic Chou was initially the spokesperson for this beverage brand. He was signed on for four years, with an annual payout of NT$11 million (approximately S$480,000). The actor was first partnered with Ariel Lin, before pairing up with Cyndi.

Fans were surprised when the latest ads were replaced by Jerry. Vic's manager replied that the actor, who turned 30 this year, did not want to do any idol-like commercials anymore.

This commercial marks Jerry's comeback, after his six-month rest due to gastritis. He was estimated to have earned NT$30 million (approximately S$1.3 million) for the endorsement. Jerry also appeared on Hunan TV's Happy Camp recently.


Jerry is filming a Masterkong commercial with Cyndi Wang

Jerry is filming a Masterkong commercial with Cyndi Wang. He will officially be Masterkong's "Mo Li Mi Cha" endorser in Feb 2011.


Latest Post - Jerry

Jerry: 親愛的家人們,你們好嗎?好久沒見到大家,很想念你們~這幾天台灣下雨 好冷。在世界各地的家人們 你們那裡呢?要多注意保暖 別感冒囉!今天定裝了!期待我的新髮型喔!長沙見!

Jerry: My dearest family, how are you doing? Haven't seen you for a long time. Really miss you. It's been raining these few days in Taiwan. It's very cold. For family members who locate all over the world, how's your place? Do keep yourself warm. Try not to catch a cold! Today, I have set a new image! Please look forward to my new hairstyle! See you in Changsha!


editor's note: Changsha is in Hunan, China. I've read that he'll be taping a show in Hunan :) an early new year - birthday - christmas gift for all his fans!

Dec 9, 2010 - Lian He Bao

Yan Cheng Xu Will Film Commercial
F4 Won't Have Time To Unite For New Year Eve

Due to some health issues, Yan Cheng Xu has rejected quite a number of invitations and offers this year, but up to the end of this year, he is still The Best Money Sucking Object. According to source, he is going to film new commercial with close to NT 30 millions of talent fee. Including the NT30 millions from his photobook, his yearly income will be over NT 70 millions. He is a top actor with low quantity work but high talent fees.

This year, Yan Cheng Xu has taken a break. The drama and endorsement invitations and offeres he has rejected so far has been over NT 100 millions of value. Due to his nature of not hungry for money, he is determined to take good care of his health first. According to source, he has decided to start working again in the near future. He will film a commercial by the end of the year. Regarding the new commercial, his agency has kept it a good secret, as she wants to wait for his best condition before announcing the good news.

This year is F4's 10th anniversary. Mainland China wants to unite F4 together, but due to scheduling problem, it was unsuccessful. CCTV did send out the invitation for the 2nd time and hoped that they could attend the New Year Eve Concert which will be held in ShenZhen and recorded on the 21st, but it did not go through due to scheduling problem.

This year, CCTV's New Year Eve Concert will be pre-recorded. The Red Carpet will be held on the 20th, with press conference and rehearsal afterwards. The recording will take place the next day. In order to unite F4 together, CCTV indicated that there is no need for F4 to attend the rehearsal in person. Unfortunately, it still did not go through, as ZZ's agency thought that the New Year Eve Concert would be held on the 31st, and his agency asked for the wrong day off, and now it's too late to change it.

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Last hope of F4 2010 reunion is dashed

Written by: Zahra on 12/04/2010 @

After The Little Tiger's reunion on CCTV's annual Spring Festival Celebration program for their twentieth year, there were rumors and speculation that perhaps F4 would also reunite on the show for their tenth anniversary. While that plan to bring together Jerry Yan, Vic Chou, Van Ness Wu, and Ken Chu didn't fall into place, CCTV gave it one more shot by mailing out formal invitations in hopes that the four would attend the New Year's Eve celebration in Shenzhen on the 21st this year. Alas, Vic thought that the New Year's Eve celebration would actually, you know, be on New Year's Eve (the 31st), and so he had already made vacation plans for the 21st.

Unlike in Taiwan, Mainland's CCTV holds their New Year's Eve party earlier. On the night of the 20th, they hold the red carpet event, a press conference, and the dress rehearsal. Then on the 21st, they officially film the show. Had the reunion of F4 been successful, they would have been Taiwan's sole representatives.

The "mother of F4", Angie Chai, has deemed it "Mission Impossible" to bring the four together due to their different management companies. And since Vic will be doing promotions in Tokyo for "Black and White" near the Spring Festival date next year, chances are slim that the four will be able to reunite for the occasion. However, it can't be completely written off yet. Perhaps Hunan TV, who has offered to provide them with planes for transfers for Hunan TV's Spring Festival show, will be able to finally bring them back together again. Even Jerry's manager has stated that the four have a consensus on reuniting, but it will all depend on their schedules.

In the meantime, we can look forward to other big names coming to the CCTV New Year's Eve party, such as the Four Heavenly Kings consisting of Andy Lau, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai, and Aaron Kwok.

Source: Appledaily

Dec. 3 Apply Daily - Vivian Hsu Gets Surprise Visit from Jerry Yan

At the 23rd Tokyo International Movie Festival, Vivian Hsu cried because she could not step on the green carpet at the premiere of [Juliets] due to the incident involving However she had her moment at the premiere in Taiwan yesterday. Not only famous Hollywood director Ang Lee came to support her, her close friend Jerry Yan also paid her a surprise visit on stage with flowers. She was so surprised to see him and embraced him happily.

She commented later that she was so surprised to see Jerry and had to fight back the happy tears. She wrote the lyrics for Jerry’s song “Want to Love You” in his movie [Magic Kitchen] (2004). The two became close friends. Jerry flew back from Beijing to support her at the premiere. He appeared at backstage quietly. Vivian screamed with happiness when she saw him. When asked about his health, Jerry replied “I’m much better now. I’ve lost some weight. I have started working.” Jerry stayed briefly for 10 minutes and left right after presenting the flowers to Vivian on stage.

more photos here