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[Contest Mechanics] A birthday treat from Jerryph.Blogspot

The contest has ended. THANK YOU FOR JOINING.

It's Jerry Yan's birthday and here's a treat for all of you courtesy of my fan blog,

[photo above] these are just minor goodies that I would like to giveaway! I still have to sort out some of
the Jerry stuffs at home. Unfortunately, it's holiday and I'll resume sorting after new year. Promise to
post everything once I settled those stuffs.

Here's how to join:
For Google Account Users - You may follow my blog; check on the sidebar click on Follow to Google connect

For Facebook Users - You may follow my blog through Networkedblogs; simply click follow this blog

1. Leave a birthday greetings to Jerry on this page; no minimum number of words. Post your comments below.
2. Click on this form and submit your entry, make sure you use the same account for Google/Facebook so that I can countercheck it.
3. You may free to tweet/share or blog about this.

NOTE: Since the shipping is free of charge, the giveaways is available ONLY to Philippine residents or Metro Manila residents only.

Deadline of submitting of entries is on January 8, 2010
Announcement of winner/s is on January 9 (evening).

Selection of winners will be drawn. I promise to document everything for fair results!

Thank you very much for supporting Jerry Yan!

Thank you also for visiting my fan blog!


NOTE: Comments are held in moderation, so please be patience :)


  1. happy birthday jerry! stay hot!

  2. Our dearest Jerry,

    I wish you a happy birthday. Now that you are turning 34, I sincerely hope that your career booms EVEN MORE, plus your health. Know very deeply that the entire Filipino nation, as well as this blog site loves you so much, and that it will never change. have a blessed birthday, and may this year be a great start for you. Hope to see you in Mulan 2011, or see you with the woman of your dreams. We love you, and Happy Birthday! Stay kind, generous and loving - because that defines your edge among other actors, you have a PURE HEART.


    Janine Pineda

  3. Dear Jerry,

    ♫ ♫♪ Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you ♫♪ Happy Birthday Haaaapppyyyy Birthday...
    Happy Birthday to you!!!!♫ ♫♪

    The Lord has given you wondrous gifts~ attractive face and well-maintained body. You are good in singing and acting as well. And because you received those gifts, you are willing to share it onto others. May His LOVE, PEACE, GRACE, MERCY and JOY abide with you always. ♥

    I am your avid fan and I always will. Again, happy birthday!!!


    Janet Emejas

  4. happy birthday jerry!
    i will always admire your work ethics and your being true to yourself. more power to your career.
    jiayou yan cheng xu!

  5. Jerry baby,

    Happy happy birthday! Thanks s much for bringing joy to the hearts of women all over the world. Just seeing your face brightens may whole day :) I wish you good health & lots o love. -raizmae

  6. Anonymous7:53 PM

    Happy birthday Jerry.

    It's been years since Meteor Garden ended but I still have a crush on you! You were amazing in Down With Love and, DANG, you don't look a year older! You are still gorgeous. Good work!

    Have an awesome and superb 2011 and I hope I'll see more of you on TV.

    A proud fan,

  7. Yan Cheng Xu,

    Happy Birthday! I wish you good health this 2011 and for the upcoming years. Thank you so much for joining the entertainment industry because you're making a lot of people happy just by seeing you on TV. Hope you can come back in making a movie or drama. Always smile, cuz' your smile gives us energy everyday, just like what you said about Yang Guo, "I never knew that a persons' smile can make me this happy."

    Happy Birthday again! Continue on being who you are, kind, generous, loving son, charming and Asia's Heavenly King. Hahaha!

    Nina :)

  8. Happy birthday Jerry!

    I do hope the new decade (not just the year 2011), will bring you more blessings, be it to your career or to your family. I have been a fan since Meteor Garden but I admire your performance the most in Down with Love. You were so natural there. I have been watching your interviews in different talk shows and from what you've said and from what I've seen, I can imagine and understand the struggles you've been through to excel in your career and at the same time be a better person. I can see that you are humble and you sincerely hope to improve on your craft so that you can continue to make your fans happy. You'd rather sacrifice your own happiness than make the people you care about unhappy. You mentioned once in your interview that you, in a way, still lack self confidence in spite of all that you've achieved. I see that as being humble.

    I do hope, for the sake of your happiness, that you will have more confidence in yourself (you have a lot of this, you just don't realize it :-)). I hope that you will be able to express yourself more, especially to the people you care about. By the way, I do admire your love for your Mom.

    I really am an avid fan. I do hope to see you in person someday. You've inspired me to study Mandarin, and now I appreciate your culture more.

    Happy birthday again! May you have peace of mind, good health and more blessings!

    ----An avid fan

  9. dearest jerry

    happy happy birthday to you..

    wish you stay healthy for yourself, family friends and us.. your fans..

    and i think no more wish for you because you already have everything..especially us ..your fans.. who support you all the way ..and promise to support you till the end..

    pls dont stop doing jobs that make people happy..and dont stop inspiring people to dream.. and giving out a helping hand..

    Thank you for inspiring me ..and for your not just a super idol , but an angel sent from heaven for the people to give hope..

    i never imagine myself too attach from you,, thought meeting you you far way impossible.. but still i hope you read this,,

    got spare time to read the greeting of people who truly love you,..and that was us..

    thank jerry!! you inspire me,,,

    wo ai ni jerry..

    hope i got the chance to meet you.,.,.

    love forever,


  10. shēng rì kuài lè JERRY. . . zhù nǐ mén xìng fú! (Happy Birthday JERRY. . .Wish you a happy life!)

  11. shēng rì kuài lè jerry...zhù nǐ mén xìng fú (Happy Birthday jerry...Wish you a happy life!)