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Dec. 3 Apply Daily - Vivian Hsu Gets Surprise Visit from Jerry Yan

At the 23rd Tokyo International Movie Festival, Vivian Hsu cried because she could not step on the green carpet at the premiere of [Juliets] due to the incident involving However she had her moment at the premiere in Taiwan yesterday. Not only famous Hollywood director Ang Lee came to support her, her close friend Jerry Yan also paid her a surprise visit on stage with flowers. She was so surprised to see him and embraced him happily.

She commented later that she was so surprised to see Jerry and had to fight back the happy tears. She wrote the lyrics for Jerry’s song “Want to Love You” in his movie [Magic Kitchen] (2004). The two became close friends. Jerry flew back from Beijing to support her at the premiere. He appeared at backstage quietly. Vivian screamed with happiness when she saw him. When asked about his health, Jerry replied “I’m much better now. I’ve lost some weight. I have started working.” Jerry stayed briefly for 10 minutes and left right after presenting the flowers to Vivian on stage.

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  1. jerryyan .... adorable

  2. jerry yan has many friends surrounding him, supporting him... how talented jerry is, as an actor is no doubt to his fans. but he should not waste his talent in singing as well.....honestly , we love to hear his vocal / songs... never boring to his fans....