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Jerry: 親愛的家人們,你們好嗎?好久沒見到大家,很想念你們~這幾天台灣下雨 好冷。在世界各地的家人們 你們那裡呢?要多注意保暖 別感冒囉!今天定裝了!期待我的新髮型喔!長沙見!

Jerry: My dearest family, how are you doing? Haven't seen you for a long time. Really miss you. It's been raining these few days in Taiwan. It's very cold. For family members who locate all over the world, how's your place? Do keep yourself warm. Try not to catch a cold! Today, I have set a new image! Please look forward to my new hairstyle! See you in Changsha!


editor's note: Changsha is in Hunan, China. I've read that he'll be taping a show in Hunan :) an early new year - birthday - christmas gift for all his fans!

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