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Happy Birthday Jerry Yan!

I don't have much time to create a personalized video presentation but I know that there were thousands of fans made their own greetings online and sent their gifts. Wishing you good health, successful career and hope to see you soon :) hahaha.

Weibo update

English translation: MaZu is very cold, but my heart feels warm. Because i have seen the "presents filled with love" that all of you have given me.

Proud of all of you. Also wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2012.

I was browsing videos online when I stumbled AGAIN this MV. And it's my favorite because I was included on the MV hahaha.

And, I promise to watch My Splendid Life :) I've seen the first-two episodes and it's really addicting.

Note to myself: I'M STILL A FAN GIRL.

Jerry Yan fans build primary school hostel for Jerry’s 35th birthday

source: UDN, TVBS News, ETtoday News & SOHU News

Dec 26, 2011

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High popularity Jerry Yan 35th birthday will be coming soon on New Year 2012. Fans from all over the world celebrated for him by doing charities. They donated to Yan Cheng Xu Chun Lei School to build a hostel. The hostel is now completed. It is his most special birthday present this year.

Jerry's father passed away in his early years and he is raised by his mother. He had mentioned before that his childhood deepest impression was his mother's back view because his mother was always in front of the sewing machine everyday to sew clothes to sell in order to raise his sister and him. And he insist and hope that for his birthday every year, his fans will do charities instead of buying gifts for him.

Fan club had donated RMB200 000 (TWD 960 000) in year 2008. They established Yan Cheng Xu Chun Lei School in Anhui, China. Consecutively, they have been donating funds to the school. They had also contributed funds for building Yan Cheng Xu Chun Lei School Hostel which was also completed on December 14,2011.

The Hostel provides for the students who stay at the remotes areas. With the hostel, they would not need to travel long distances to go to school. The school published and uploaded a video previously which captured cute and happy faces of the kids holding pillows in the hostel running around. There are more than 400 hundreds students in the school currently.

Jerry Yan fans did even more charities this year.Hong Kong fans sends 70 bags of gifts to charity units. 61 Japans fans contribute JPY 122 000 to World Vision. Taiwan fans donated materials to Miao Li St Francis Love orphanage. Jerry was touched by their care and love.

Jerry who has injured his hands recently, was very touched with everything that the fans have done for him. This year, he will not be celebrating his birthday as usual. Jerry will be filming for the movie Hua Yang/ Scarlet that day.

Jerry Yan fractures his index finger

The Taiwanese actor may end up with a crooked finger, if he does not undergo surgery soon

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan has been seeking treatment for his fractured index finger for more than a year.

The actor injured his right index finger during a basketball game last October, and his injury worsened after he underwent martial arts training for his new movie earlier this month.

However, despite multiple visits to the doctor, Jerry still has problems holding a pen and writing.

Last Wednesday (Dec 14), the 35-year-old was spotted seeking treatment at Show Chwan Hospital in Changhua County, after former Taiwanese boy band B.A.D member Parkman Wong recommended the place to him.

Parkman, who is the son of the president of Show Chwan Hospital, is currently working as the director of marketing at the hospital after his departure from showbiz.

After looking at Jerry's X-ray, Doctor Gu from Show Chwan Hospital expressed that the fracture was caused by a muscle tear in the middle phalange of Jerry's index finger, leading to frequent dislocation of the finger.

The doctor advised the actor to be careful with his fingers, because any small movements would affect the injury. He added that should Jerry's condition not improve in three months, he would have to undergo surgery to stabilise the bone. Otherwise, the actor might end up with a crooked finger.

Other than seeking treatment at Show Chwan Hospital, Jerry is also doing physiotherapy at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital to aid recovery.

Jerry commented on his current situation via his management agency yesterday, "[We] will discuss with the production crew to reduce the number of dangerous stunts."

Movie (Dual) Media Conference - Interview Jerry Yan

Joseph Cheng、Jerry Yan、Michelle Chen、Ivy Chen Movie "花漾" announcement press conference

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu (My Splendid Life) No. 1 Hit Online

Jerry Yan Cheng Xu (My Splendid Life) No. 1 Hit Online, Both Leads Previously Have "Exploded Hair".
source: ChinaYes Ent. News

December 7, 2011

credit translation to fatty2@

Drama serial My Splendid Life acted by Jerry Yan Cheng Xu and Yedda Chen Yan Fei is on its 1st broadcast. The storyline about a "feckless 2nd generation rich" and "cinderella" immediately caught the attention of the audience. Besides getting good high ratings in Mainland China, it also ranked as number 1 in youku online hits.

For Jerry Yan Cheng Xu's performance in the drama serial, netizens praised it as excellent. And concluded that in the drama serial, Jerry Yan Cheng Xu role is to be funny and ugly while Yedda Chen Yan Fei's role is to get tears. And netizens dig out that both the male and female lead has in the past both have "afro hair" in their earlier other drama serials.

For Jerry Yan Cheng Xu who has all along been low profiled, and always been accused as bad-tempered, hard to photograph, black faced, yet his fans are extra tolerant and left msgs such as " Xu who dont love to weibo, however low profile you are, we will not forget you, in fact we love you more and more". Judging from the response to his weibo, just a post of screencaps from the drama elicited thousands of response.

Just as what his fans said, the low profile way of Jerry Yan Cheng Xu did not cause him to be forgotten but instead gives his fans even more expectations.

Jerry Yan finger injured once again but happy new drama hit 6 million views

source: ChinaYes News & China News

Dec 9,2011

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Jerry's mood has been very down these few days. He was having action training for movie "Hua Yang/Scarlet". In the rolling action, his index fingers was sprained once again. Not long after that, it was swollen to twice of the original size. Jerry went to have the x-ray check the next day. However, upon hearing that his new drama " My Splendid Life" hit 6 million views in Youku site, obtaining the first in the list, he smiled and said, "finally there's something to be happy about".

Jerry always wants to do his best and often made the people around him crazy. It's wasn't easy to film movie Hua Yang/ Scarlet this time. In the movie he acts as a pirate, has to go through action trainings and has to tie his hands and legs. Because of his hand injury, he hesitated many times initially. He was afraid that he will disappoint the director Zero Zhou. Even though he was careful during the recent formal action trainings, he still injured his fingers when he did a rolling action. The quiet training venue heard a clear "Ka Da" sound which shocked the director and the others there. Once again, his right finger was injured.

Jerry assistant expressed that Jerry did not take it to heart initially. However, his finger was badly swollen and gave him intense pains.
He went to see the doctor the next day. Besides doing the x-ray check, the doctor gave him injection into the joints too. A needle went through his fingers thrice. His assistant who was at the side was scared to death and nearly cried out but Jerry endured the pain.

Hot Compression 3 times a day for Rehabilitation

Jerry has to do a hot compressions to his injury three times a day as well must take 2 pellet to help the recovery . The doctor reminded him that his condition is very serious and cannot have any hits on it again. The relapse made his mood down to the bottom.

Luckily, he heard from his staff that his first China Idol drama "My Splendid Life" obtained the first in Youku TV drama list. The number of views hit 6 million. Besides giving him a sigh of relief, he said that he is very happy because the drama gave 2 extreme views at the start. He was worried all the while. Even though he acts as a rich which is the same as Meteor Garden, he attempts it with a different way too. He was afraid that the outside world could not see his effort. Upon knowing the good news, he couldn't help saying, "finally there's something to be happy about."

Jerry updated his micro blog on November 25

25/11 20:33 Jerry微博更新。
Jerry updated his micro blog on November 25 2011 20:33.

English translation: Glad that the press conference of "Scarlet" movie was completed successfully yesterday, thank you everyone for the support and encouragement, although I wasn't feeling well these few days, but you really gave me a lot of vitality when I see the support from all of you. Thank you so much ~ hope everyone can look forward to my new works! ^^

Jerry's micro blog link:

Cast of Hua Yang Showed Appearance, Yan Cheng Xu Has High Pressure

thanks to

Nov 24, 2011

Taiwan movie, Hua Yang, held a press conference today, with the appearance of the 4 major cast members.  Among them, because of not feeling well and with too much pressure, Yan Cheng Xu kept his head a lot of on stage.  Afterward, he said that he looked serious because of the injury from the kungfu training and too high expectations on himself. 

The press conference was held at Taipei W Hotel, attracting dozens of media from TW, HK, Japan, and Mainland China, especially when the location was decorated with over 6 digits worth of a bed of flower stands by Yan Cheng Xu's fans. 

However, when the 4 main cast members presented on stage, YCX displayed a serious face and lacked interaction with the other 3, and it made the situation slightly awkward.  His agent indicated that he had IV drip a few days ago due to fever, and he didn't sleep well the night before due to his stomache, therefore, he looked serious on stage. 

On the other hand, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, and Chen Yi Han interacted a lot, but later, when the interview started, Jerry became talkative and had a lighter mood.  He even gave out a few jokes out of surprise, such as head shaving image, Joe Zheng's playing the flute in a handstand position, etc...

When the reporters asked Director Zhou Mei Ling whether she had heard about the rumor of Jerry's being difficult, Jerry answered immediately, "It is not a rumor.  It is a truth."  He further said, "If I can reach 80 points, I won't only do 50 points.  Given working with a person like Director Zhou Mei Ling who has passion, ideal, and heart, I will give my best even if I have to sacrifice to a certain extent."  Then he said, "Xiao Zhong (Joe Zheng) is the most serious, and he gives me the most pressure." 

Zhou Mei Ling indicated, "I don't think Yan Cheng Xu is difficult.  He is always Yan Cheng Xu."  She said that sometimes when Jerry was too focused on developing his character, he always forgot the happenings in his surrounding, especially now he had been taking kungfu classes, with a lot of punching, striking, and throwing.  Jerry admitted that because of the injury of an old spot, he once thought of giving up, but when he saw the effort by the Dir and other cast members, he decided to keep it up. 

Zhou Mei Ling praised that YCX had the special characteristics of the novel, The Call Of The Wild, by the famous writer, Jack London.  She said that it's a kind of most explosive power from nature.  When the explosive power is used in performing, the outcome will be astonishing.  She also mentioned that all the action scenes in the movie would be performed by Jerry in person, so she could catch his most complete shots on camera. 

When taking classes together, Yan Cheng Xu has developed good mutual understanding and relationship with the other 3 cast members.  With Chen Yi Han who will have quite a lot of scenes with him, he described her as as naive and happy as a little sun.  He said, "I thought of the old me when seeing her." 

For Joe Zheng, this is the first movie that he has played.  In the movie, he will play a musician who is good at 4-5 kinds of musical instruments.  He said that he felt the most frustrated when practising flute, always felt like losing his breath.  He wished that he could have developed good relationship with his flute when it starts filming.  Zhou Mei Ling praised that Xiao Zhong had high expectations on himself.  Although it looks real when he pretends to play the musical instruments, he insists on playing the instruments for real when filming.  

The whole group joked that it seemed like Xiao Zhong had the most parts in the movie, so it's wonderful that he needed to be responsible for the box office even when it's his first movie.  He could only smile bitterly and said, "Alright!  Put it all on me."     

Besides, Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Han will play sisters again after Hear Me.  This time, they will play geisha.  Taking classes for physical movements and articulation, they both said that it's harder than learning sign language last time.  Zhou Mei Ling also exposed that they both need to have their feet wrapped in tight bandages, which will definitely increase the hardship. 

Joe Zheng said that it didn't happen often that they went to classes like schoolmates, and the process was both painful and sweet, as they had to break and to rebuild themselves again and again.  Yan Cheng Xu also said that he liked the feeling of taking class together a lot, and they hoped that they could continue taking classes like this.

Watch My Splendid Life with English Subtitles

Viki has english subtitles My Splendid Life :) Just wait for the complete subtitles for each episodes :) More power to Viki and to the subbing team!!!

Powerful TW Movie Production in 2012, Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media

Original Article Here and credits kkla of

November 24, 2011

Powerful TW Movie Production in 2012, Hua Yang Is Formally Introduced To The Media
Heavenly Kings and Queens Join Force For The First Time

One island for exile
One bright playboys' alley
A story between two blossoming 17-year old geishas and one chivalrous pirate
In an era of unfairness and injustice
People are facing great challenges of humanity and love

Hua Yang, a powerful art thriller movie in 2012, is a huge project directed by Zhou Mei Ling, after her work of Spider Lilies and Drifting Flowers.  This project was dominated as The Best Future Production Case in 2008's Tokyo Movie Festival and has received  2009's movie production fund from Taiwan's Media Bureau, with the total investment of NT100 millions and with the most briliant cast, an almost impossible joined force of heavenly kings and queens, including Jerry Yan Cheng Xu, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, and Chen Yi Han, with chemistry touching audiences' hearts. 

Hua Yang's time of story is set on ancient, which is rare in TW movies in the recent years.  Regardless of the freshness of the theme or cast's topicality, Hua Yang has attracted attention from different people.  On November 24, Executive Producer, Wang Li Ming, and Director, Zhou Mei Ling, led the 4 major cast members, i.e., Yan Cheng Xu, Joe Zheng, Chen Yan Xi, Chen Yi Han, to meet with the media.  Zhou Mei Ling said that she's lucky, as the cast selection went surprisingly smooth.  The 4 main actors are the No. 1 choice of the roles.  Originally, she thought that it was only a dream casually written on a scratch paper, but it ended up anyone she wanted, she got it.  She really appreciated the help from the God of Luck.   The Creative Director, Wang Wei Zhong, of Wen Chuang Yi Hao, also indicated that he wished Hua Yang would create new vitality and views for TW's future movies. 

The cast with 2 main male and female leads really gained the media's attention.  This is the first time Yan Cheng Xu has worked with Joe Zhang.  After 8 years, Yan Cheng Xu will once again film a movie, playing a chivalrous pirate.  In the movie, there will be a lot of action scenes.  Other than having taken kungfu classes recently, Yan Cheng Xu has also focused on providing input on his image in the movie, hopefully to completely overturn his previous prince image on screen in the past, being manly and rough.  However, the Director and Executive Producer continuously emphasized, no matter how manly, he needs to look handsome.  Regarding the final outcome, audiences can decide whether he looks both manly and handsome after the images are finalized.  

This is Joe Zheng's first movie.  He will play a musician in the movie, who is good at4 to 5 different kinds of musical instruments.  Therefore, he has especially taken lessons with the master, Chen Ming Zhang.  Joe Zheng joked that he had got a new favorite recently and that's the Yue-Qin which he had been holding in his arms on a daily basis.  After practising day after day, he deeply understands the feelings of having callus. 

After Hear Me two years ago, Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Han played two sisters again.  In the movie, they will play a pair of geisha sisters.  They have also started training in physical movement technique and singing.  Different from the sign language training 2 years ago, they both feel that it's more difficult for the training they are having now, not mentioning the time of the story is ancient.  Therefore, even the way they talk and move will be different, especially when they are getting popular these two years that it's a big challenge how to learn with their hectic schedules. 

Hua Yang, which will be produced by Taiwan Wen Chuang Yi Hao (Bright Ideas?), Inc and The 3rd Vision Films Ltd., has collected tremendous amount of resources, and will be published by Vieshow Cinemas and VieVision Pictures.  When it's on, audiences will be able to view it in more 60% of cinemas in TW.  VieVision Pictures' CEO also showed his support at the press conference today.  Other sponsors include NT30 millions from Prince Housing and Development Corp. for the creation of the main scenary in the movie, Hua Yang Estate and location of today's press conference.  Prince's General Manager also attended the press conference to support the crew and cast, and to show Taiwan's determination in art creation. 

Hua Yang's filming in preparation now, and the filming will locate all over places, such as Matsu, Kinmen, Kaohsiung, Tainan, etc...  Besides, Uniair is the sole sponsor for all airfares related to the production of this movie, and its Deputy General Manager also showed his support at the press conference.

"My Splendid Life" Mini-Biographies

Liu Yuhao played by Jerry Yan
Liu Restaurant Group chairman's grandson, his family was wealthy, handsome, but early death of his father, grandmother because he was the only son left descendants and doubly love, live life like a crown prince.
That all things have their own main position or never consider the feelings of others, arrogant, defiant.

Watching guide for Jerry Yan new TV drama "My Splendid Life"

Watching guide for Jerry Yan new TV drama "My Splendid Life" from 2011.11.22!!!

Replay the latest 2 episodes on 2 days later at 9:03am & 9:54am (2 episodes marathon)
(Credit to Mamy for information searching)!

Other broadcast
Dragon TV, provides online realtime broadcast:
PPTV (internet TV):
youku (internet TV):

Translation ~ Apple Taiwan Hot News: Jerry Yan - Champion in the Chinese Chart

thanks to kym @
【台灣蘋果即時新聞】2011-11-7櫻花妹最愛男星 言承旭華人榜奪冠
[Apple Taiwan Hot News] 2011-11-7

The Male Star ‘Cheery Blossom Gals’(referring to Japanese gals) Love the Most
Jerry Yan is the Champion in the Chinese Chart

BS日本電視台節目《C-POP WORLD華琉》選出櫻花妹最愛男星,台灣男星言承旭奪冠,該節目形容他演員魅力與日俱增,讓眾多女性成為他的俘虜。
The ‘Cherry Blossom Gals’ chose the Male Star that they love the most in {C-POP WORLD Chinese Trends}, a programme by BS Japanese TV Station. Taiwanese Star, Jerry Yan is the Champion. In the programme, he is described as an actor with such an escalating charisma that many of the females fell ‘victim’ under his spell.

He shot to fame 10 years ago in the hit {Meteor Garden} and his fame has since made its mark in Japan. Though he was temporarily out of action this year but with the votes from his die-hard ‘Cherry Blossom Gals’ , he is awarded the Champion in the Most Loved Male Star catergory.

視頻裡提到 In the clip, it mentioned that
阿旭本來今年要在日本發唱片 Jerry actually planned to release an album in Japan this year
可是最後希望沉澱後再出發 But in the end, he decided on a later date

Jerry Yan Visited Hong Kong for His Future Movie

Oct 24,2011


credit translation to / thanks to myvi of asianfanatics

Taiwanese Super Idol arrived in Hong Kong on Oct 23 after receiving CETV’s 2011 Annual Asia Popularity Award in Dalian. It is believe that the purpose of his trip is to prepare for his big screen project later this year.

Around 6 pm, Jerry Yan arrived in a casual outfit with facial mask and cap accompanying by his assistants. Close to a hundred fans, welcome him outside the restricted area. Jerry injured his right hand during a basketball game in Taiwan and his fingers are still wrapping with bandage. His fans were passing gifts to him while carefully watching out for his injured hands. Jerry was very nice to the fans.

Its look like Jerry was not very familiar with Hong Kong airport and it took a while for him and his staffs to find the parking lot. Jerry indicated that he planned to stay for 2 or 3 days to discuss his future project. He is looking forward to the premiere of “My Wonderful Life” in Shanghai on November 22,2011 because his character is different from what his previous ones. He is also interested in watching his new MTV of the new theme song of My Wonderful Life debuted recently on the internet.

He was also asked to respond to Lin Chi Ling reported new relationship. He said that they were simply just friends.

[Video] Jerry Yan at Asia’s Top 10 Artistes Award Ceremony

from TVBS, thanks to

Ten Most Popular Ceremony, Yan Cheng Xu Had The Highest Popularity

Oct 24, 2011
credits to

In the evening of Oct 22, Hua Yu Satellite TV's Ten Most Popular Artistes In Asia Ceremony was held in Dalian.   Asian idol artistes such as Yan Ya Lun, Zheng Yuan Chang, He Run Dong, Ji Jin-Hee, Kim Sun A, Han Chae Young and so on received the Ten Popular Artistes In Asia Award.  On the other hand, Yan Cheng Xu, who hadn't made public appearances for long, as expected, received the 2011 Most Popular In Asia Award. 

On the 22nd, Yan Cheng Xu walked on the red carpet, handsomely wearing a black trent coat and constantly showing his shy smile.  His appearance created a climax at the site.  In recent years, Yan Cheng Xu, who has made limited public appearances honestly stated, "I have been looking for special qualities belonged to Yan Cheng Xu.  Actually, in these two years, I have been looking for a relatively better condition for myself.  Then I realize that actually it is enough if I am just being myself.  Every person can grow and we have different feelings at different stages.  We experience different development in career, with different attitudes and feelings.  Even now, when I think of the past, I have different realization.  I really hope that everyone can see my advance."   Meteor Garden has left a deep influence on YCX, and a role that can match  DMS' success has not existed.  Regarding this, YCX responded, "May be people had too deep of an impression on DMS, so it doesn't matter what role I play, people always feel DMS' quality in all my performances.  In the near future, may play a role with ancient background.  He also hopes to challenge roles with actions, like roles with some violence. 

When a reporter asked him whether LZL's recent statement of "being in love now" was an indicator of them being back together, although the staff tried to intervene, YCX responded with his regard, "If she is happy, it doesn't matter where I am, I will be happy."  Regarding the constant gossips, YCX explained, "Actually I do mind gossips a lot, as when I may get close to a female artiste because of work and it ends up having gossips of us having some kind of relationship, actually it doesn't really matter to a guy, but it's not good for the girl.  Therefore, it's better to prevent it as much as possible." 

Besides, Sun Nan received the 2011 Asian Outstanding Performance Award, Luo Da You received the 2011 Asian Contribution Award, and Korean female group, Miss A, received the 2011 Asian New Star Award.

Jerry's My Brillance mv is no. 1 on Mainland China QQ site

thanks to lilian99 and kkla of
Jerry's My Brillance mv is no. 1 on Mainland China QQ site, has over 300,000 hits so far.

Lyrics ~ My Brilliance

我的灿烂 wo de can lan My Brillance

作曲:Te Sung KIM of ICONIC SOUND Music : Te Sung KIM of ICONIC SOUND
作词:李焯雄 Lyrics : Li Zhuo Xiong
演唱:言承旭 Singer : Jerry Yan

雪开花 xue kai hua The flower blossoms with the snow

在脸颊像梦在融化 zai lian jia xiang meng zai rong hua
Falling upon my cheeks like dreams melting away

但温柔无价 dan wen rou wu jia Yet the gentle warmth is priceless

留不下一夜火花 liu bu xia yi ye huo hua A night of fireworks is all but gone

但爱已爆发 dan ai yi bao fa But Love has exploded

你有看见吗? ni you kan jian man? Did you see it?

什么也不用留下 shen me ye bu yong liu xia Leave nothing behind

心给我吧 xin gei wo ba Give your heart to me

这感觉最无价 zhe gan jue wu jia This feeling is the most priceless

别管它尔虞我诈我都不怕 bie guan ta er yu wo zha wo dou bu pa
Don’t worry about the tricks it plays upon us, I am not afraid

是你把防卫都卸下 shi ni ba fang wei dou xie xia
It is you who let down all your defences

爱就是容纳 ai jiu shi rong na
Love is all encompassing

我的灿烂 就是你 wo de can lan jiu shi ni
My brilliance is you

给我世界 也不换 gei wo shi jie ye bu huan
Even for the world, I will not exchange

我的灿烂 很简单 wo de can lan hen jian dan
My brilliance is very simple

比星闪亮的光芒 bi xing shan liang de guang mang
It’s a brilliance brighter than the sparkling stars

比泪温暖的海洋 bi lei wen nuan de hai yang
It’s an ocean warmer than the tears

在我胸膛 This is Love zai wo xiong tang
In my bosom This is Love

什么也不用留下 shen me ye bu yong liu xia Leave nothing behind

心给我吧 xin gei wo ba Give your heart to me

这感觉最无价 zhe gan jue wu jia This feeling is the most priceless

别管它尔虞我诈我都不怕 bie guan ta er yu wo zha wo dou bu pa
Don’t worry about the tricks it plays upon us, I am not afraid

是你把防卫都卸下 shi ni ba fang wei dou xie xia
It is you who let down all your defences

爱就是容纳 ai jiu shi rong na
Love is all encompassing

我的灿烂 就是你 wo de can lan jiu shi ni
My brilliance is you

给我世界 也不换 gei wo shi jie ye bu huan
Even for the world, I will not exchange

我的灿烂 很简单 wo de can lan hen jian dan
My brilliance is very simple

比星闪亮的光芒 bi xing shan liang de guang mang
It’s a brilliance that is brighter than the sparkling stars

比泪温暖的海洋 bi lei wen nuan de hai yang
It’s an ocean that is warmer than the tears

在我胸膛 This is Love zai wo xiong tang
In my bosom This is love

I Just Wanna Be With You

我的灿烂 就是你 wo de can lan jiu shi ni
My brilliance is you

给我世界 也不换 gei wo shi jie ye bu huan
Even for the world, I will not exchange

我的灿烂 很简单 wo de can lan hen jian dan
My brilliance is very simple

你在的地方 会发光 ni zai de di fang hui fa guang
The place where you are shall emit light

从平凡 见不平凡 cong ping fan jian bu ping fan
In the ordinary perceiving the extra-ordinary

This is Love
This is Love yeah


credits to

Bench/ Fact - 2003

#FACT in 2003 Jerry Yan of the Meteor Garden and F4 fame who was not only fantasized by the ladies but also idolized by men for his much copied hair style modeled for Bench. Thank you for joining the #GUESSTHEBENCHENDORSER today!

visit for more Bench/ Trivias and win exclusive prizes/tickets 

Just saw this post from my Jerry Fan (Sis Lizette) and I'm so happy to see Jerry on my FB Timeline (hahaha!)

Jerry Yan to Lead Big Screen Version of “The Fierce Wife”

Source: China Times

October 12, 2011

credit translation to

Following the success at the Golden Bell with 13 nominations, the crew of TV drama “The Fierce Wife” is now ready to bring the drama to the big screen. It is said that Producer Pei-Hua Wang has invited Jerry Yan to team up with Sonia Sui . She confirmed yesterday she had a very promising conversation with Jerry Yan and is looking forward to work with proficient actor like Jerry. However, there is not a detailed plan yet . Jerry’s agency commented that the plan is possible if Jerry’s schedule permits.

Jerry Yan has been pursued by many movie production teams. Director Zero Chou is planning to team up Jerry Yan with Michelle Chen and Ivy Chen in her latest movie “Scarlet”. Jerry Yan has been waiting for a movie that can advance himself to the next level of film art as his returning debut. “Scarlet” will provide him the opportunity to get out of his familiar role of a handsome heartthrob by portraying a chivalrous pirate who encountered two geishas in an ancient setting. It is said that Jerry Yan will start martial and training prior to the start of the filming this fall. The shooting locations will be in Kinmen and Matsu. A pirate ship film set will be built in the budget of TWD100 million.

Pei-Hua Wang has kept the new movie project “The Fierce Wife” under a tight cover. She has confirmed that the initial draft is finished and the pre production phase is almost complete. She regards Jerry as a successful proficient actor. She is looking forward to work with Jerry and creating new role for him. According to Jerry’s agency, his schedule is full until early next year. “The Fierce Wife” is a very good project that Jerry would like to work on if his schedules permits.

"Fierce" New Couple, YCX Connects With "Wife Of Other" On Big Screen

Oct 12, 2011 China Times

"Fierce" New Couple, YCX Connects With "Wife Of Other" On Big Screen

Fierce Wife Of Other is popular.  Not just it has gained 13 nominations from Golden Bell Awards, there will be a movie version with the same cast.  Producer, Wang Pei Hua, indicated that she had already invited YCX to play opposite with Sui Tang (female lead of Fierce Wife) in the movie.  On the 11th, she admitted that she had discussed happily with YCX, and she is really looking forward to having good chemistry with a good actor like him who has such strong brand equity and depth, but nothing is confirmed at this time.  YCX's agency said that the Fierce Wife movie is not included in his schedule at this time, but if there's no scheduling problem, he doesn't object to the idea.  

YCX has received non-stop invitations for playing in movies.  Among all, "Hua Yang", which is in preparation, invited him to play opposite with Chen Yan Xi and Chen Yi Yan.  Coincidently, both movies will be directed by Zhou Mei Ling.  According to source, he always wants to play a challenging role.  In "Hua Yang", it will allow him to get rid of his prince image by playing an adorable pirate with a good heart.  It's a story about a pirate with 2 geishas (not necessary Japanese).  It will start filming by the end of this year and he will receive kung-fu training.  The filming will locate in Kinmen and Mazu.  With the custom made pirate ship, the total investment will be more than NT 100 millions.  

Wang Pei Hua has kept a good secret on Fierce Wife's movie story.  She confirmed that the first script has been completed and the pre-production preparation is almost done.  She thinks that YCX has already reached and represented certain level of status and work quality in the show business, but he can have a lot more different possibilities.  That's why she is really looking forward to working with him, so she can help him reach another height of his career.  His agency responded that his schedule for the 2nd half of this year and early next year is full.  Fierce Wife is a good project, so if his schedule allows, he doesn't object to the project.

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YCX IS JERRY YAN CHENG XU :) on Facebook's account on Facebook has finally established to all Jerry Yan followers and supporters :)

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On Nbbbs' Facebook account, there's an International Q&A section.  We have special moderator(s) to answer any member's questions about Jerry's profile, news, and information.  As Nbbbs' account is newly established, we welcome all the suggestions and ideas.  At the end of each month from now to Mar next year, whoever has participated on Nbbbs' Facebook account the most will be given a small souvenir as appreciation. 

Please help spread out the news!!!

here's the page:

Pls. Vote For JERRY

Pls. Vote For JERRY

Jerry's Signed Shirt at the Runway

Jerry took part in calligrapher’s Tung Yang-Tzu T-shirt design for charity.


Jerry participated in a charity project

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100 designers (including Jerry and 24 other artistes) participated in a charity project of designing tees with Chinese characters for auction, the price of each tee is from NT10,000 and up.

This is the tee designed by Jerry. The Chinese character he chose was "Zhi Qing". The meaning of "Zhi" is the most extreme level. "Qing" means love. The meaning of the term is "the greatest love".

My Wonderful Life - End of Filming

Filming of My Wonderful Life has been ended. Jerry will stay for Shanghai for the next couple of days for a possible project.

Meanwhile, browse through nbbbs and check out his photos with the fans who visited him

My Wonderful Life will have 38 episodes, one hour for each

Jerry Yan's alleged nude photos cause online stir

TAIPEI : Nude photos of a man who looked very much like Taiwanese star Jerry Yan have caused quite a stir on the Internet.

The photos, which appeared to be taken inside a vehicle, were posted online on Wednesday.

Though the lower half of the body was obscured by pixelation, many netizens slammed the poster for uploading the explicit photos.

While some commented that the photos did not look like they had been doctored, others said the man in the photos only looked like the Taiwanese star.

Yan's management agency on Wednesday demanded that the shots be taken down and even convened to discuss how to handle the scandal.

According to Taiwan media reports, the photos were uploaded by a netizen nicknamed "Huayi staff" - Huayi Brothers Media Corporation is one of China's most renowned companies in the entertainment circle.

"Huayi staff" later clarified that the man in the photo was not Yan but a doppelganger. He added that he never said the man, a porn star, was Yan.

Yan, who is currently in China, however took the matter pretty lightly and even joked that the photos were "not bad".

"Such a good physique, how I wish it were me," the singer-actor said in an SMS.

"Can I have his number? We can get him to be my body double for butt shots in future."

- CNA/il


source : http://tw.nextmedia
Aug 23, 2011
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Taiwanese historical epic movie "Warriors Of The Rainbow : Seediq Bale" which has a budget of TWD720 million has entered next month's Venice Film Festival. The 2.5 hour long version will premiere in Venice on September 1. Director Wee Te-Shen will attend the event with his cast which includes Vivian Hsu and Umin Boya. A tribute to its "Angels" (financial sponsors) will be played at the end of the movie which includes Jerry Yan. Jerry had sponsored about TWD10 million to support Taiwanese movie and his friend Vivian Hsu.

The cast of "Seediq Bale" gathered yesterday to promote the movie. The main cast, director and producer Huang Chih-Ming will attend Venice Film Festival to promote the movie. They joked that they would probably drink a lot.

The location of Taiwan premiere is set to be on Ketagalan Blvd in front of the office of the President on September. 4. The production has run into many financial difficulties. There are 200 people who have extended their helping hands, including Jay Chou and Vivian Hsu's mother. Jerry Yan's name also appeared on the list. It is said that he sponsored about TWD10 million.

According to Jerry's agent, Jerry reached out to the producer when he learned about the financial difficulty. He wanted to support Taiwanese movie as well as his friend Vivian Hsu. However Jerry does not want to disclose the amount.

The movie will be shown in the theatres in Taiwan on September 9. The presale has reached 100 thousand tickets.

Photo Manipulation: Jerry Yan fallen angel

Photo Manipulation: Jerry Yan fallen angel

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Jerry was voted as the No. 4 of The 10 Most Handsome Men In Asia

Today, it was reported that Jerry was voted as the No. 4 of The 10 Most Handsome Men In Asia, when Kim Jaejoong, Ming Dao, and Feng Shao Feng were No. 1 to No. 3. 

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am biased to JERRY YAN :) therefore, he is the MOST HANDSOME MAN IN ASIA

Jerry Yan dating a model?

The Taiwanese heartthrob’s fans are happy that he’s got a new love

Pan Shuang Shuang, Hannah Quinlivan and Honey Chen.

They were all relatively unknown models until they were linked with famous celebrities, Jay Chou, Aaron Kwok, Show Luo and Raymond Lam respectively.

Another model Celia Zhang might get famous now after she was spotted going to a karaoke with Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan.

When they were about to part ways after their singing session, the pair was seen gazing lovingly into each other's eyes. Jerry even made a "call me" sign before leaving reluctantly.

It is believed that the 27-year-old Celia -- who is 168cm tall and weighs 50kg -- had gone on a few dates with Jerry. The pair is said to be in the "friends but not yet couple" stage.

However, Jerry's management company denied that Celia is the actor's new love, saying that they were just good friends.

On the other hand, Jerry's fans are not jealous about their idol's latest relationship. Instead, they expressed that they were happy for him.

Jerry was previously romantically linked to model Lin Chi-ling and actress Terri Kwan.

July 29, 2011
TW Apple Daily

It has been 3 days since TW Next Magazine published about Jerry's latest gossip.  It's so funny that after the sarcastic remarks on Ms. Zhang yesterday, TW Apple Daily's reporter once again reported the latest development of Jerry's latest gossip today.  According to TW Apple Daily's reporter, what actually happened on July 17 was that Ms. Zhang was brought to KTV by another model, so Ms. Zhang is just a friend of Jerry's friend.  Not even sitting down for 10 minutes, the paparazzi showed up.  According to the reporter, Jerry and Ms. Zhang didn't sit next to each other or even have any interactions.  Outside the KTV, when Jerry did the "call me" gesture, it was for his guy friend, but not for Ms. Zhang at all. 

TW Apple Daily reporter continues bashing the Next Magazine for creating a story and filling in the blanks using just a few meaningless pictures.  

It's so funny to see how the TW Apple Daily reporter was more eager than Jerry fans to clear up Jerry's latest gossip.

July 30, 2011
TW Apple Daily

It was reported that YCX has been filming MWL in Shanghai, and gossips continue following him around.  Reader reported that Guan Ying visited Jerry in Shanghai at the filming site for calming his mood.  In a scene being slapped by the female lead, Chen Yan Fei, Jerry's face was hit for real when it was supposed to a false play during rehearsal, the whole team was quiet immediately, and he was shocked as well.  Without having any response for a short while, finally, he smiled it off, "My teeth really hurt." 

Although YCX is busy filming in Shanghai, gossips keep following him around.  After being rumored to sing with newbie model at KTV, yesterday a reader reported that Guan Ying and he had been involved for the last 3 years without breaking up.  They just want to lay low for protecting their relationship.  Another gossip indicated that YCX has had mood swings at the filming sites that he even hurt his hand because of hitting the wall.  That's why Guan Ying went to Shanghai to calm his mood. 

Yesterday, YCX's agency indicated that the so called temper tantrum was just a misunderstanding.  He did hurt this hand when filming an angry scene, but after seeking medical treatment and taking the x-ray, there's no concern any more, but he's afraid that there's any residual impact, he saw the doctor again when he went back to TW.  Also, he did practised his line with an angry tone in the restroom, and he was mistaken by the extra who was also inside the restroom.  That's how the gossip started. 

Regarding the gossip between Guan Ying and him, both agencies had no comments. 

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Jerry Yan causes commotion at Chengdu’s airport

The actor was forced to hide in the toilet to avoid the chaotic situation


How far would you go to hide from your passionate fans?

Ex-F4 member Jerry Yan arrived in Chengdu, China over the weekend after his last visit with his fellow group members in 2002.

Jerry, decked in a blue T-shirt and a jacket, was seen at the Chengdu's airport on Saturday.

Even before his arrival, more than a hundred fans were already at the airport, waiting to catch a glimpse of their idol.

The moment Jerry emerged from the airport, his fans created a pandemonium almost immediately.

With the situation getting out of control, Jerry was forced to hide in the toilet while the security guards tried to calm the fans down.

Jerry had to lock himself in a cubicle when the men who were using the toilet starting taking photographs of him as well.

Unfortunately he was got in a stinky situation as the previous user of the cubicle had just completed his "business" and the user next door was having a bad stomach. Jerry could only suffer the stench in silence.

After Jerry finally got to leave the toilet, he quipped, "How lucky can I get?"

He continued, "Despite having looked smart in my outfit with a pair of sunglasses, I still ended up stinky!"

Unperturbed by his bad luck, the actor who returns to Chengdu after nine long years, still looked forward to the local delicacies telling reporters, "I hope I have time to try the authentic spicy hot pot again! I love it very much!"

Master Kong Jasmine Tea CF - The boy's story

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Brilliant Inheritance bequeathed to Jerry Yan and Chen Yanfei in new remake

June 9, 2011 China

Chen Yanfei meets Jerry Yan in a fight for love, family and money.

The director of Du Lala's Promotions returns with Jerry Yan, Chen Yanfei, and My Brilliant Life 我的灿烂人生 for an all new Dragon TV drama.  Jerry's first project in two years, and actress Chen Yanfei's  first lead role will both be given to this Brilliant Inheritance remake.

Continuing her cheerful and sunny image from Jimmy Lin's Single Princesses and Yu Haoming's upcoming 8090, Go!, Chen Yanfei will play a bright young girl who has been robbed of a home and her inheritance by her stepmother.  Luckily, she meets Jerry Yan's grandmother, who takes her in and names her the heir to the grandmother's wealth. The heir to a large company, Jerry Yan's character spends most of the time playing around. That is, until, Chen Yanfei arrives to steal what he thought was rightful his. Through their clashes and fights, the two eventually fall in love and create brilliant lives of their own.

Also in the cast will be armless pianist Liu Wei, who'll play Chen Yanfei's older brother.

Despite how much I like Jimmy Lin, Chen Yanfei's tomboyish role was the only part I ended up watching in Single Princesses, so I'm really excited for her role in this and the upcoming 8090 Go.


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Jerry Yan’s late night visit to the eye specialist


The actor contracted an eye infection due to over exhaustion

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan has been constantly plagued by eye infections in the recent years.

According to the Taiwanese media, a member of the public tipped them off a couple of nights ago when Jerry was spotted at an eye specialist in the dead of the night. The actor had returned to Taiwan for a commercial shoot.

The late night visit to the doctor's fuelled speculations that Jerry's left eye was causing him discomfort.

The doctor reportedly postponed his rest for the actor and was seen cleaning Jerry's eye with saline solution before applying medication. Jerry left the clinic 15 minutes later.

Fans of the actor were very concerned when news broke.

In response to the report, Jerry's management agency commented that Jerry had requested the doctor to wait for him, while he found time in between his schedules in Taiwan. The doctor said that his eye infection was due to over-exhaustion.

Originally scheduled to return to Shanghai for his shoot yesterday, Jerry's trip was delayed for another day after the actor accidentally sprained his arm.

Two years ago, Jerry contracted keratitis after spending late nights, while completing the shoot for drama Down with Love. Last February, the actor reportedly contracted another eye infection.

When he was filming in Shanghai last year, Jerry's left eye swelled due to late nights and over exhaustion. He was later diagnosed with pink eye. However, the actor recovered after two to three days of rest.

Jerry Yan Films Toothpaste Commercial at 100 Times Higher Pay 10 Years Later

 July 17 2011 [Apple Daily] 
Jerry Yan Films Toothpaste Commercial at 100 Times Higher Pay 10 Years Later

Taking time during his busy filming schedule of "My Wonderful Life" in Shanghai, Jerry Yan returned to Taipei q...uietly yesterday. According to our sources, the purpose of the trip was to shoot a Darlie toothpaste commercial. He filmed a commercial for the same brand 11 years ago as a model with a moderate pay of TWD50K.

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YCX's On Cover Of Hua-Liu Magazine

July 15, 2011
TW Apple Daily

YCX's On Cover Of Hua-Liu Magazine
Elastic Muscles Greatly Increase Sales

YCX Jerry is filming My Wonderful Life in Shanghai.  After nearly 2 years without filming, Jerry admitted that he felt slightly uneasy at the beginning.  This time, the drama he plays, My Wonderful Life, was adapted by the Korean drama, Shining Inheritance.  This is the first time he has played a role which was played by another actor before, but he said, "It is impossible not to have pressure, but I can promise you that it will be very different from the Korean version." 

Jerry's popularity in Japan continues to be very high.  A while ago, he was interviewed in Shanghai by A-Bloom, a Hua-Liu magazine in Japan.  He will be on the cover of A-Bloom Magazine, vol. 13, which will be published on July 29.  In the cover picture, he was pulling a tie showing part of his chest.  Although the nipple was not seen, it attracts a lot of admiration.  Fans are very much looking forward to it and keep on inquirying how they can get it.  The production team also indicated in private that Jerry's acting showed depth and complexity.

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Japanese magazine, A-Bloom, Vol. 13

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Japanese magazine, A-Bloom, Vol. 13 will be published on July 29.  It is available for preorder on HMV.

Jerry Yan sought medical treatment despite downpour ~ 17th June 2011

Jerry Yan sought medical treatment despite downpour  ~ 17th June 2011
His dreamy good looks knocked the nurses of their heels

Early in the morning dark clouds were looming in the sky and a storm ensued! In hiatus for a year, Taiwanese Idol Drama actor, Jerry Yan is in Shanghai shooting “My Wonderful Life”. A sudden eye infection caused him to rush to the Shanghai’s XinShiJie Eye Hospital Specialist despite the heavy downpour.

It was heard that after a year’s rest, Jerry Yan is at the top of his condition and the role in “My Wonderful Life” was especially catered for him in a hope that he can give his best performance. But due the hectic schedule and constant late nights, the exhaustion brought on a sudden swelling of his left eye. In order not the affect the filming schedule and to stop the agony of the eye problem, Jerry Yan’s assistant booked an appointment online at the Shanghai XinShiJie Eye Hospital. After a check up by the eye specialist, Jerry contracted hordeolum or commonly called eye stye. This is an acute focal infection where pus is formed causing swelling, redness and pain. The pus may become hardened or the pus may turn yellow. Scarring may occur in serious cases. Fortunately, Jerry Yan sought medical attention on time. The specialist prescribed eye-drops and oral anti-inflammatory medication. He was instructed to use a warm towel on his eye and it should heal in 2 to 3 days. Thus this should not affect work or rest.

In order to avoid being recognized and any other related hassle, Jerry Yan wore a cap and sunglasses to the hospital. But with his dashing good looks, all the nurses identified him at one glance. Many are his fans and wanted a photo with him but unfortunately his assistant put a stop to that.


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[Photos] Presscon of Wonderful Life

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Jerry Yan : I'm Learning to Change ~ 10th June 2011 Evening News

[6/10 Evening News] Jerry Yan : I’m Learning to Change
Evening News Intern Reporter : Zeng Suo Di

After his hiatus for a year, Jerry Yan is in Shanghai showing off his own “wonder”. Eastern Cable together with top producer, Zhou Ling of Jie Wen Cultural Co. Ltd, collaborated in a motivational Idol Drama <>. At the Press Conference the day before, Jerry Yan, Chen Yan Ji, Liu Wei, Fang Fang and Weng Hong were all present. The media personnel were delighted at Jerry Yan for taking the initiative to liven things up.

 Learning “social skills” surprising all present

Jerry Yan was very quiet and cool at public gatherings before. Furthermore, his nickname of  Bao Long (Boisterous Dragon) gave others the impression that he is ill-tempered. Yet Jerry Yan hasn’t been in public for quite a while and he gave us a surprise yesterday. He was very warm and considerate, even thoughtfully held the microphone for “armless pianist” Liu Wei. When the magician wanted to give the crystal shoe to the female lead, Chen Yan Ji - Jerry immediately pretended to snatch it, making those present roared in laughter. Even his “granny” Fang Fang praised him for his improvement in acting. Chen Yan Ji talked about how the two of them have a love-hate relationship in the show, Jerry joked, “That’s my forte.” 

During the interview, Jerry Yan frankly said that he was studying the past year. And mostly it was “social skills” and he even analysed himself, “I was very slow to react before and I didn’t know to interact with others. Whilst shooting <>, the Director said that ‘Shan Cai’ was always playing F3 but I was hiding in a corner reading the script. I hope that everyone understands that I was still a newbie then and I didn’t know what do really. I just felt that as long as I worked hard at acting then it was fine. But later on, I realized that an artiste has to make others happy. Like when I collaborated with Andy Lau, I discovered that he was very good at interacting with all those around him. ” He said candidly that his Acting Coach also taught him about Life. His Coach would ask him to see things in another perspective.  “I was very persistent about things before and I had a lot of expectations. So I had a lot of moods as well. My Coach said that I was too stubborn and I had trapped within and so the more I thought about it, the angrier I became.”

 Talking about Love Candidly

At the Press Conference, Jerry Yan was very forthcoming in answering questions about his love life. On one hand, he divulged that he was interested in match-making and another he joked that he wanted the reporter to introduce a girlfriend to him. Yet his ex-lover, Lin Zhi Ling’s mother Wu Ci Mei criticized him for “hampering other’s marriage”. His other rumored girlfriend, Guan Ying said that their relationship was like a ‘man-ghost love affair’. In fact, his love life hasn’t been smooth sailing. Regarding this, Jerry Yan said frankly that if his ex-girlfriend invited him to her wedding in the future, he will readily accept. “To all those whom I’ve loved before, if they have found their a very good match and a very good ending, I believe I will extend my sincerest well-wishes.”

Jerry Yan admits that he really looks forward to marriage and he likes the feeling of love-at-first-sight. But he is afraid of rejection so he never declared his love outright. “The more I love someone, the more I would appear cool as I don’t know what to do.  And I appear even sillier. ” Still, he analyses himself and commented that he was not romantic before and his past experience has taught him that he has to learn to be romantic. He has even considered taking notes from the many romantic movies.

But something that mesmerized him even more than marriage is having a “Little Jerry” in the future. “I really want to have a child that looks very much like me. I would think how would he be like? Would he be cool and sullen looking? Then I would tell him off – You can’t be like me!” But when asked about his marriage plans, he didn’t evade nor was he ready to divulge, he again joked, “My plans can’t catch up to the changes.”

Looking Forward to Changing Style A Master at Acting Ugly

“I feel that if it’s always the same then it would be meaningless.” Having acted in many rich guy roles, Jerry Yan admits to feeling a tad stale so he hopes for some change. But perhaps the role of  “Dao Ming Si” has left such a deep impression that many may feel that the roles are similar. “Actually there was a movie which had a very different role but the script and timing weren’t right so it didn’t work out. In fact, I really want to play a person with mental problems or an action movie. I rather like that.”

When the reporter queried about whether he would consider “acting ugly”, something quite the opposite of his usual handsome image. Jerry Yan immediately laughed, “Most definitely! I’m rather good at acting ugly. I was supposed to be in a movie like that but it fell through. Like I would cook up in my mind that my hair would be very curly and I would have buck teeth. ”

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Dateless Jerry Yan once contemplated matchmaking

SHANGHAI: You'd think hunky Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan would have a ton of admirers but that is apparently not the case.

According to Chinese media reports, the 34-year-old heartthrob lamented that he has not had any romantic encounters, since he went on a year-long hiatus to recover from his gastritis.

This troubling state of affairs led the dateless Yan to contemplate going on some matchmaking activities to find love.

"I've thought about it (matchmaking) before.

"To meet a girl that I don't know beforehand would be quite an interesting experience, but I have not had the chance to try it yet," said Yan, during a press event for his upcoming idol drama "My Wonderful Life" in Shanghai on Wednesday.

The former-F4 member explained that it would be rather difficult to for him to get into a relationship, as he does not know how to declare his love to a girl, and was clueless when it came to pleasing the ladies.

Still, the eligible bachelor said he hopes to settle down and start a family in the future.

"I love children. It would be quite a heart-warming scene with me, a big boy holding the hands of a small boy.

"I will definitely be the father who 'bullies' his children," joked Yan.


channel News Asia Website

Jun 4, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

"Jerry officially started working...yey!"

For additional information, please logon to

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First Experience To Purchase Drama Wardrobe Out Of His Own Pocket Since Joining The Show Business
Being A Heaver In Seoul After Shopped Like Crazy

Yesterday around noon, Yan Cheng Xu arrived at Taiwan from Korea.  He intentionally didn't leave the plane with Image Stylist, Chen Sun Hua, until all the other passengers were gone.  In order to get rid of the paparazzi, he changed 3 different vehicles.  Chen Sun Hua confirmed that two of them did purchase NT 500,000 of clothes in Seoul.  "Since Jerry joined the show business, this has been the first time that he paid for his drama wardrobe out of his own pocket.  Although he lived in a small hotel and carried his own lugguages, he was so excited, just like a kid." 

Jun 3, 1:06pm  Yan Cheng Xu came back to TW from Korea and he transported his own "war trophies" at the airport. 

Yan Cheng Xu always comes and goes without a trace, but he still couldn't escape from the search by Jerry fans.  Before he came back to TW from Korea yesterday, information of him eating grills in Korea was exposed by his fan already.  What happened was that during his 3-day, 2-night trip in Seoul, they met a nice passer-by performing as translator.  He even invited this nice person to have dinner together.  Later this person posted the incident onto the web, and therefore exposed his location. 

1:16pm Yan Cheng Xu and Chen Sun Hua went back to Taipei by car

According to source, Yan Cheng Xu invited Chen Sun Hua to join this drama wardrobe purchasing trip.  More than 10 years ago, when Jerry was still Chen's assistant, they once went to Japan for preparing clothes for big stars, such as Aaron Kwok, Sammi Chang, etc...  Although now Jerry's status has elevated tremendously, he acted as a heaver this time, and he didn't let Chen Sun Hua to carry much.  

He spent NT500,000 for the "war trophies" and claimed to be too expensive.
Returned to TW changing 3 vehicles for his protection

Jun 4, 2011
TW Apple Daily

News and scan ... &extra=page%3D1
Video provided by TW Apple Daily ... 26/IssueID/20110604

First Experience To Purchase Drama Wardrobe Out Of His Own Pocket Since Joining The Show Business
Being A Heaver In Seoul After Shopped Like Crazy

Yesterday around noon, Yan Cheng Xu arrived at Taiwan from Korea.  He intentionally didn't leave the plane with Image Stylist, Chen Sun Hua, until all the other passengers were gone.  In order to get rid of the paparazzi, he changed 3 different vehicles.  Chen Sun Hua confirmed that two of them did purchase NT 500,000 of clothes in Seoul.  "Since Jerry joined the show business, this has been the first time that he paid for his drama wardrobe out of his own pocket.  Although he lived in a small hotel and carried his own lugguages, he was so excited, just like a kid." 

Jun 3, 1:06pm  Yan Cheng Xu came back to TW from Korea and he transported his own "war trophies" at the airport. 

Yan Cheng Xu always comes and goes without a trace, but he still couldn't escape from the search by Jerry fans.  Before he came back to TW from Korea yesterday, information of him eating grills in Korea was exposed by his fan already.  What happened was that during his 3-day, 2-night trip in Seoul, they met a nice passer-by performing as translator.  He even invited this nice person to have dinner together.  Later this person posted the incident onto the web, and therefore exposed his location. 

1:16pm Yan Cheng Xu and Chen Sun Hua went back to Taipei by car

According to source, Yan Cheng Xu invited Chen Sun Hua to join this drama wardrobe purchasing trip.  More than 10 years ago, when Jerry was still Chen's assistant, they once went to Japan for preparing clothes for big stars, such as Aaron Kwok, Sammi Chang, etc...  Although now Jerry's status has elevated tremendously, he acted as a heaver this time, and he didn't let Chen Sun Hua to carry much.  

He spent NT500,000 for the "war trophies" and claimed to be too expensive.
Returned to TW changing 3 vehicles for his protection

3:23pm  Yan Cheng Xu ate Taiwan snack, Rou Yuan, with friends, looked relaxing. 

Chen Xun Hua indicated that during this trip, they visited all the different areas in Seoul, going through both expensive and ordinary goods, but because it was an impulsive trip, so they couldn't reserve any 5-star hotels.  Not just Yan Cheng Xu didn't mind staying at a NT4000 per night hotel, he even transferred his own lugguages.  He really enjoyed this ordinary trip.  Even he was recognized by the sales persons and asked for his autograph, he fulfilled all their wishes.  "When the obasan at the grill restaurant asked him to lift his cap, he didn't mind."

After the 3-day, 2-night trip to Seoul, Yan Cheng Xu carried back more than 30 sets of clothing. 

In this trip, Yan Cheng Xu spent NT500,000 and carried back more than 30 sets of clothing.  When he paid the bills, he couldn't help but saying, "Very expensive".  After Chen Sun Hua tried to soothe him, "Most artistes spend NT100,000 to NT200,000 on clothing per season.  This is only the first time you have purchased clothes out of your own pocket.  It's ok", Jerry felt better.  

In Seoul, when eating the grilled meats, Yan Cheng Xu was so happy that he showed the V sign.

Yesterday, after returning to TW, Yan Cheng Xu was picked up by a Mercedez to a place in Min Sheng District for some rest.  Then he was picked up by another vehicle to Lin Kou Street for having Rou Yuan.  After the snack, his assistant sent him to Min Quan Dong Road Section 5 and dropped him off.  Right away, he got on a Mercedez driven by another staff.  Lastly, with the cover of a recycled truck, he got off without a trace.

Jerry Yan’s privacy invaded

The Taiwanese actor’s passport photo, flight details and home address were revealed to fans

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan has always kept his personal life away from the limelight.

He's never been photographed at his residence, and his home address has been kept a secret even to his colleagues. The office has always been the meeting place for all of Jerry's job appointments.

Also, Jerry has never allowed his mother and elder sister to be seen by the media, so much so that his mother's neighbours didn't know that Jerry is her son.

However, the unexpected happened when Jerry applied for a visa to Shanghai, China.

Not only was his application form exposed, the actor's flight number, passport photo, and even his residential address were revealed, shocking the renowned actor.

Jerry responded to the issue through his agency and expressed that he is "not affected by the issue", and thanked everyone for their concern.

However, his management agency was enraged. They are already searching for the person responsible and will be deciding on the next steps later.

According to the management company, Jerry's trip to Shanghai was confidential, but his fans still managed to find out about his schedule and greeted him at the airport. The pictures taken at the airport were also uploaded to Jerry's worldwide fans site immediately.

Responding to this, a surprised Jerry asked his fans, "How do you know that I'm back? I've already tried to keep it low."

The polite star then proceeded to sign autographs for his fans and took pictures with them.

May 17, 2011 - Lian He Bao

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I guess even the media have missed him a lot.  Today's news is just like a summary of what happened recently. 

It was reported that Jerry's baby photo was initially exposed on Miniblog yesterday, but I think this baby photo was firstly exposed publicly years ago.  It was reported that fans wanted to bite his little, chubby leg as he's too cute. 

Then Dramadream was asked again about Jerry's accepting any of the numerous rumored drama projects from the web, and Dramadream's response was as usual saying, "There have been so many offers recently that we had contacts with a lot of them.  Everything is still in consideration and discussion.  As soon as something is set, announcement will be made, so fans can know how he is." 

Finally, Jerry's attending AC's birthday dinner was also mentioned, and both parties didn't reject the possibility of working together again in the future.  On the other hand, Dramadream also denied the rumored, recent invitation from a charity organization in TW.

May 13, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

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It was reported that a while ago, YCX stated to resume filming drama this month, and there is a rumor on the web that he is going to film a tv drama, Wo De Can Lan Ren Sheng (meaning: My Magnificent Life), casting Wang Luo Dan, Weng Hong, etc... And the director is Chen Ming Zhang, who was also the director who worked with Selina before but ended up having the accident. Yesterday, YCX's agency, Dramadream, responded, "There have been contacts with the production team."

The above information was exposed on the web due to the casting of the supporting actress, but according to the rumored storyline, it appears to be adapted from the Korean drama, Shining Inheritance.

My Magnificant Life's director will be Chen Ming Zhang. He directed numerous high ratings idol dramas in the past, such as The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog, Fated To Love You, etc... Recently, another idol drama, Love You, directed by him, has reached the No. 1 ratings of 3.34. According to source, Jerry was contacted for Love You initially to team with Rainie Yang.

When Cheng Ming Zhang filmed I Have A Date With Spring, Selina was seriously injuried, and Selina's fiance blamed him for responsibilities. Finally, days ago, after Chen Ming Zhang met with Selina's fiance, the matter was resolved. Yesterday, Jerry's agency, Dramadream said, "Have had contacts with the production team of My Magnificant Life, but it is not conclusive. We are in discussion with several drama projects." Jerry is Ella's friend. When asked whether there is any concern to work with Chen Ming Zhang, Dramadream indicated, "Read in the newspapers that the matter has been resolved, so it should not have any impact."

Jerry at Angie Chai's 50 th Birthday Dinner

TW Next Entertainment Breaking News reported that Jerry and Vanness attended Angie Chai's 50-th birthday dinner yesterday.

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Apr 22, 2011 - Newday New Hope charity event

TW Apple Daily

Yan Cheng Xu Gives Love By Wearing Murakami Takashi's Tee With Ruan Jing Tian
Resume Working In Full Gear After Hidden For One And A Half Year

(only extracted the part about Jerry)

On April 24, Jerry will attend the Newday New Hope charity function held by Apple Daily and Azio, and cooperated with Murakami Takashi.  Source has also confirmed that Jerry will attend Master Kang's endorsement activity/ies and film tv drama in Mainland China in May.  His agency, Dramadream, responded, "The date of the endorsement activity has not confirmed.  For the tv drama, as the contract has not been signed, so there's nothing to review."

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Apr 27, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

Apr 27, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

Yan Cheng Xu Beat Show Luo And Ming Dao
12,000 Voted Him As No. 1 Dream Lover

It was reported that although YCX hasn't filmed any new drama for 19 months, his fans still support him.  Jerry won Yahoo's voting, "Which male lead is your dream lover that you won't miss the idol drama he plays at all?" with 12137 votes, when Show Lup and Ming Dao got the 2nd and 3rd places.  Jerry was also spotted by passersby to sing for sick kids at the National Taiwan University Hospital with Ella and Guang Liang with a low profile. 

Yahoo's voting was held from Apr 18-25 with a total votes of 55819.  After knowing the news, Jerry's very happy.  Although he didn't play in Material Girl, he used this chance to promote the drama for his friend, Vanness.  He said, "This year, the most looking forward event is being able to watch Vanness' Material Girl the most."  

After attending the Newday New Hope charity event on Sunday, Jerry went to National Taiwan University Hospital with Ella and Guang Liang for the sick kids next early morning.  He appeared with a low profile by wearing a baseball cap.  When seeing the babies with rare diseases, he had tears in his eyes, but he lowered his head right away, so no one could find out.  Through his agency, yesterday he said, "Strong power of life can be seen on these kids' bodies, as they try very hard taking every breath on each day.  I also feel that I am very lucky, so I need to work hard, and to live my each day responsibly."  He also hopes to raise more attention for people to care about kids with illness.  

Furthermore, When Murakami Takashi mentioned about the Newday event on his twitter, he said that being on the same stage with Jerry gained a lot of media's attention.  He prasied for Jerry's handsomeness and he thought that Jerry looked taller in person.

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