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[Snapshot] Jerry with Girls Generation

Few days ago in Korea - 6th Asia Model Festival

Winners from 2011 Asia Model Festival
Asia Star Award
- Kwon Sang Woo | SNSD | Jerry Yan

Asia Special Award
- Yoo Ji Tae | Kim So Yeon

Achievement of International Cultural Exchange
- Kim Young Min

BBF Popularity Star Award
- Song Chang Il | Han Ji Min

Model Special Award / Fashionista Award
- Song Joong Ki | Seo Woo

Model Special Rookie Award
- Joo Won | Jung So Min | Lee Tae Sung

BBF Popular Singer Award
- SHINee | SECRET | Son Dambi | Wheesung

KID Model Award
- Kim So Yeon

MIZ Model Award
- Ham Ji Won

SUPER Model Award
- Yoon Da Young

Racing Model Award
- Hwang Mi Hee | Kim Ha Yul

CF Model Award
- Kim Soo Hyun | Jung Eun Chae | Seo Hyo Rim

Fashion Model Award
- Lee Hyun Wook | Lee Hyun Lee

Model Star Award
Korea – Joo Sang Wook, Cha Ye Ryun
China – Wang Yu Fei, Mao Chu Yu
Japan – Jin, Nakamura Sakura
Indonesia – HENDY, HAMID
Philippines – Aljur Abrenica Farr
Thailand – Everingham, Khemupsorn Sirisukha
Taiwan – SUN, WANG
Hong Kong – TSUILATYINLEAR, Kwok Sze Lam
Singapore – ONGCHIAYEN, Sophie Estelle Willocq

Jan 19, 2011 - Lian He Bao

It was reported that there's a rumor indicating that F4 will unite and appear on Hanan Satellite's Spring Festival Concert, but it was denied by all agents of F4. Someone even said in priviate, "At first, Yan Cheng Xu told CCTV that he needed to film the commercial, but went to record the program at Hunan Satellite, and that led to the rumor of CCTV's boycott.  Now if won't go to CCTV's Spring Festival Concert but go to Hunan Satellite's, is it going to fight against CCTV in public?" 

According to Sohu's report, as the response of Jerry's appearance on KLDBY was so great, Hunan Satellite invited Jerry to Spring Festival Concert, and Jerry happily accepted.  At that same time, other 3 members of F4 were also invited, in order to fulfill fans' dream to have them united. 

YCX's agent, Fenny, replied that they did received invitation from Hunan Satellite, but it didn't work out because of scheduling problem, and she had never heard of any F4's invitation on Hunan Satellite's Spring Festival Concert.  F1's agent, Mr. Zhi, said that ZZ's busy at filming Back Home, so no time to attend any Spring Festival.

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Jan 17 Apple Daily

Jerry Yan will attend「Asia Model Festival Awards」to receive the Best Asia Artist Award in Korea this Friday. His schedule may not allow him to appear on the Spring Festival program of Hunan TV.

According to his agency, he... will stay home this year to enjoy the Spring Festival with his family. After two years of spending the Spring holidays away from home, he will be passing the red envelops and be a good uncle and a good son

[Update] 10:31pm Jan 13 2011 Hunan TV Sina Blog -

[Update] 10:31pm Jan 13 2011 Hunan TV Sina Blog -

Jerry Yan has garnered great ratings after the airing of [Happy Camp] on New Year’s Day. It is also confirmed that he will be appearing on the Spring Festival program of Hunan TV airing on January 27, 2011.

1月13日 22:31


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Jan 8 2011 [Apple Daily] Jerry Yan Avoids Chiling News Treasures Ella

Idol drama "Down With Love" broadcast acclaim in Japan, the Japanese launched a new special edition for a special trip to Taiwan to film the last major cast albums, male and female Jerry Jerry and Ella rarely come together again, chatterbox opened, can not shut up.

The day of the photo shoot, Jerry withstand low temperatures of 9 degrees Celsius in the outdoor camera, cold Pippi shaved. However, Ella afternoon there, not only to say "Xu Xu," Let Jerry was warm, one-piece miniskirt sexy wear, but also praise him straight, "Oh, this is very sexy!"

They talk about everything photographers want them to look at the lens, Ella said, "ah! Sorry. We talked too happy." Photographer from taking pictures once they opened, Ella said, "that is want to separate us. "Let Jerry could not help laughing out shy.

From time to time teasing Ella Jerry, so Jerry could not help but say, "Oh, I seem to become a girl!" Since New Year's Day Birthday Jerry, Ella also brought cake for his birthday supplement.

Jerry, Ella became friends due to play, but they usually busy with their work, meet with less time. Ella said, "although no common surface, but we still care about each other." Jerry also revealed that, Ella hours prior to tour the United States, the two had met for dinner.

When asked about the treasures of the heart with each other, Ella holding cross necklace chest, said "This is the travel hours to the United States, seeking to cross in the church necklace. I took the necklace every day, pray that you can quickly get better Selina . It also has been wearing a necklace, until his wife (Selina) restored the day, so now it is my most important treasures. "

Jerry was very moved in to attend, he said, "many people around one of his treasures, Ella is." He said, because "Down With Love" and Ella cooperation, let him change a lot; for him Yan, Ella is an important friend.


The News centered on Chiling Lin’s wedding has been circling for days and triggered strong reactions
among Jerry’s fans. An undaunted Jerry Yan joined Ella ...happily two days ago on the shooting set of photo album of [Down with Love]. When asked about his valued treasure, Jerry mentioned Ella, not Chiling.

[Down with Love] has been enjoying great ratings in Japan. To prepare for a special TV program, a Japanese production team has been shooting a photo album of the main cast in Taiwan. On the day of shooting, Jerry worked outside in the unseasonably cold weather. Ella joined the shooting in the afternoon and her warm greeting of “Hsu-Hsu” (Jerry’s Chinese name) cheered up Jerry. Ella also presented Jerry a piece of cake as a belated birthday gift.

Ella met Jerry over dinner before her study tour in the U.S. last November. The duo could not stop chatting
On the set and was reminded to look at the camera by the photographer. Ella teased Jerry from time to time and Jerry said “I feel that I’m being treated as a girl.”

Ella’s treasure in [Down with Love] was a marble. In real life her most valued treasure at the moment is a cross that she got blessed in the church in the U. S. She uses it everyday when praying for Selina’s recovery. Jerry said that he treasured his friends the most, including Ella. He said that he has changed a
lot after working with Ella in [Down with Love]. Many may wonder whether Chiling is also his treasure.

There are a number of fan websites around the world for Jerry. Many called us to point out that there is only one official website J&Y that represents Jerry’s opinion. Jerry’s agency has also backed up the statement. In the past few days Jerry’s fans have blasted Chiling’s mother aiming at her inappropriate remarks about Jerry. has called for its members to act rationally and wisely.


Jerry Yan's car falls apart while driving - don't panic, it's just a title

CHANGSHA, China : Taiwan singer-actor Jerry Yan may have shot to fame playing the rich spendthrift Daoming Si in "Meteor Garden", but it turns out he is extremely thrifty in real life and had been driving the same secondhand car for years until it fell apart on the road.

"I was driving it on the road recently and the exhaust pipe fell off.

"The bus driver behind me kept sounding his horn at me and told me 'Your exhaust pipe has dropped off, go pick it up, quickly!'" said Yan sheepishly during an appearance on the Chinese variety show "Oppo Real Happy Camp" on Saturday.

A quick inspection of Yan's personal effects also revealed that his bag was very worn and showed signs of repeated patching, proof that the actor is one thrifty character.

"Before I stepped into the entertainment industry, my family was rather poor and my mother taught us to save and be thrifty," he explained.

However, Yan is not always a tightwad and is especially generous with his friends and loved ones.

The 34-year-old actor said that he had only recently spent more than 10,000 yuan (S$1950) on a birthday meal as well as a present for a friend.

It was also previously reported that his manager once received an expensive Louis Vuitton bag from him for her birthday.

But Yan expressed that he would be even more generous with his girlfriend.

"I'd really like to give her gifts. If her room is filled with dolls and clothes from me, she would think of me whenever she enters her room," said Yan.

- CNA/ha

Jerry Yan spills the beans on relationship with Lin Chi-Ling

The actor gets emotional as he talks about his past relationship with the Taiwanese top model Lin for the first time
Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan showed a softer side of himself that day.

On Dec 20 last year, Jerry attended the recording of Hunan TV's Happy Camp. He grew quiet when he saw the video clip of Lin Chi-ling tearing when talking about him.

The host asked if he would embrace love bravely. Jerry, who had admitted to being rather childish, replied he "didn't know".

After the programme was aired on Jan 1, netizens left messages like "It's a different him, a more emotional Jerry Yan" on microblogging site Weibo.

Chi-ling and Jerry appeared as guests on Happy Camp consecutively. In October last year, Chi-ling cried on the show. The model was touched by a paragraph regarding her in Jerry's book 9314 Man and Boy. She also talked about her relationship with Jerry for the first time.

"I am a simple girl after all. I longed for love, and I longed to be loved. I'm different now, I'll embrace love," said Chi-ling, who seemed to treasure this past relationship.

When Jerry saw the video clip, he became quiet. When asked if he would embrace love courageously, he choked and said, "I am very childish at times, I want to be loved and cared for. However, for a girl, she would feel insecure. I still need to grow up."

The actor expressed that he talked about Chi-ling in his book because she is really a good girl.

"When she told the public that I'm the only person in the world who treats her best, I know I have to become a better man. I let her go, because I really loved her; I know she would meet a better person," said Jerry.

He added he was childish in the past. He would love and care for a girl in his own ways, but did not consider if the other party liked it or not. After Jerry showed this softer side on television, fans praised him for "being different".

On the programme, Jerry was tested on how he would spend a monthly income of RMB$10,000 (approximately S$2,000). The actor revealed that apart from his handphone bills, he did not have any expenses. Jerry explained that his colleagues usually organise his schedules, and thus he did not have any expenses. That would leave at least RMB$8,000 for him to splurge on his girlfriend.

"I like buying things for my girlfriend. If the things I buy for her fills her room, she would be reminded of me each time she returns home," said Jerry.


Jerry Yan ~ The Idols of Idols :iweekly#687 30 Dec 2010

credits to kym @

i週刊No.687  30 Dec 2010 ~ iWeekly No. 687 30 Dec 2010
2000 - 2010 ~ 10 年誰主風雲 2000-2010 ~ Who’s Leading the Trend these 10 years
最強偶像 ~ 言承旭 Idols of Idols ~ Jerry Yan

Pg 32
10 年榮耀 ~ 誰主風雲 10 years of glory ~ Who’s Leading the Trend
文﹕楊麗玲 Text : Yang Li Ling

真正的英雄﹐可以造勢。A true hero can drum up support.
十載風雲﹐他們只手遮天﹐力抗環境。For 10 decades, they have called the shots and resisted the flow. 
潮流創造﹐風騷引領。Creating the trends, victoriously leading the way.

Pg 33
言承旭 ~ Jerry Yan
After Takeshi Kaneshiro, he has the most star appeal amongst Chinese.        
是2001年的 [[流星花園]] 開啟台灣偶像潮流﹐以道明寺為首的F4風靡全亞洲﹐奇跡至今仍在。
Since the “Meteor Garden” started of the Taiwanese Idol trend in 2001, with him as the lead Dao Ming Si, F4 has mesmerized the whole of Asia. This record-breaking miracle is remains unchallenged till now.

Low-key in his life, not having many projects with even less exposure, yet he still has the doting love and support from tens of thousands. His popularity far exceeds others and has sustained until now.

His status supersedes the average idol as his honor is above the rest.

Could it be his character is such or perhaps his image has been managed well. He could resist the never-ending lure of money and offers. The more mysterious he is the more concerned others are about him.

Being high above the rest, in fact makes him more like a Superstar.


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