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Jan 19, 2011 - Lian He Bao

It was reported that there's a rumor indicating that F4 will unite and appear on Hanan Satellite's Spring Festival Concert, but it was denied by all agents of F4. Someone even said in priviate, "At first, Yan Cheng Xu told CCTV that he needed to film the commercial, but went to record the program at Hunan Satellite, and that led to the rumor of CCTV's boycott.  Now if won't go to CCTV's Spring Festival Concert but go to Hunan Satellite's, is it going to fight against CCTV in public?" 

According to Sohu's report, as the response of Jerry's appearance on KLDBY was so great, Hunan Satellite invited Jerry to Spring Festival Concert, and Jerry happily accepted.  At that same time, other 3 members of F4 were also invited, in order to fulfill fans' dream to have them united. 

YCX's agent, Fenny, replied that they did received invitation from Hunan Satellite, but it didn't work out because of scheduling problem, and she had never heard of any F4's invitation on Hunan Satellite's Spring Festival Concert.  F1's agent, Mr. Zhi, said that ZZ's busy at filming Back Home, so no time to attend any Spring Festival.

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