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Feb 26, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

It was reported that it's rumored that Jerry replaced ZZ becoming Master Kang's endorser with a high fee of NT 30 millions.  Recently, the promotional posters with Jerry and Wang Xin Ling can be seen everywhere in Mainland China. However, on the poster posted on one of Jerry's fan sites, the endorser was mistakenly with ZZ's name.  When Jerry knew about it, he laughed, and joked, "Then, let me change my name to ZZ."

Master Kang's PR Director in TW explained that actually that's just one posted at a bus-stop in Haerbin, China.  The printing error was found instantly and the posted has been replaced with the correct one right away already.

After Jerry finished filming DWL, it has been 1 yr. 5 mos. that he hasn't accepted a drama offer.  His fans have been waiting and waiting.  Recently, more than 10 scripts have been received, including tv dramas and movies.  However, Jerry wants to wait for a role which is different from what he has played before, may be more macho or with characters.

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Singapore Entertainment Awards 2011

Most Popular Male Singer
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Most Popular Taiwan TV Actor
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Starhub TV Most Popular Asian Drama
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This voting is open to all Singapore citizens or permanent residents.

Closing date: 21 March 2011

Award ceremony: 2 April 2011

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Down With Love - Most Profitable Idol Drama in Taiwan

GTV revenue reports on 2010 TV dramas indicate that
[Down with Love] was the most profitable idol drama,
The overseas broadcasting rights were sold
at US$35,000 per episode, totaling NT$20.54 million for all 20 episodes


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