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Apr 21, 2011 - Le He Bao


It was reported that F4 has become a group for 10 years, since last year, there were nonstop attempts by different broadcasting companies and manufacturers to unite them together on stage but without success. Zhe Jiang Satellite TV has not given up and hopes to invite the original cast of Meteor Garden 1 to appear on its program, Mainland China's Dream Come True. This is an mission impossible that including Yan Cheng Xu, no one has received any invitation yet. Furthermore, Ken Chu is filming a tv drama, ZZ has movies, Vanness will release his album, and Jerry's future plan is still unknown.

Quite a number of Jerry fans suspected that Jerry dropped the Material Girl project was due to scheduling problem. However, Material Girl has finished filming, but Jerry has accepted any project offers. His agency responded, "More than tv and movie projects are in discussion. The final decision is yet to be made."

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