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Jerry Yan’s privacy invaded

The Taiwanese actor’s passport photo, flight details and home address were revealed to fans

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan has always kept his personal life away from the limelight.

He's never been photographed at his residence, and his home address has been kept a secret even to his colleagues. The office has always been the meeting place for all of Jerry's job appointments.

Also, Jerry has never allowed his mother and elder sister to be seen by the media, so much so that his mother's neighbours didn't know that Jerry is her son.

However, the unexpected happened when Jerry applied for a visa to Shanghai, China.

Not only was his application form exposed, the actor's flight number, passport photo, and even his residential address were revealed, shocking the renowned actor.

Jerry responded to the issue through his agency and expressed that he is "not affected by the issue", and thanked everyone for their concern.

However, his management agency was enraged. They are already searching for the person responsible and will be deciding on the next steps later.

According to the management company, Jerry's trip to Shanghai was confidential, but his fans still managed to find out about his schedule and greeted him at the airport. The pictures taken at the airport were also uploaded to Jerry's worldwide fans site immediately.

Responding to this, a surprised Jerry asked his fans, "How do you know that I'm back? I've already tried to keep it low."

The polite star then proceeded to sign autographs for his fans and took pictures with them.

May 17, 2011 - Lian He Bao

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I guess even the media have missed him a lot.  Today's news is just like a summary of what happened recently. 

It was reported that Jerry's baby photo was initially exposed on Miniblog yesterday, but I think this baby photo was firstly exposed publicly years ago.  It was reported that fans wanted to bite his little, chubby leg as he's too cute. 

Then Dramadream was asked again about Jerry's accepting any of the numerous rumored drama projects from the web, and Dramadream's response was as usual saying, "There have been so many offers recently that we had contacts with a lot of them.  Everything is still in consideration and discussion.  As soon as something is set, announcement will be made, so fans can know how he is." 

Finally, Jerry's attending AC's birthday dinner was also mentioned, and both parties didn't reject the possibility of working together again in the future.  On the other hand, Dramadream also denied the rumored, recent invitation from a charity organization in TW.

May 13, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

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It was reported that a while ago, YCX stated to resume filming drama this month, and there is a rumor on the web that he is going to film a tv drama, Wo De Can Lan Ren Sheng (meaning: My Magnificent Life), casting Wang Luo Dan, Weng Hong, etc... And the director is Chen Ming Zhang, who was also the director who worked with Selina before but ended up having the accident. Yesterday, YCX's agency, Dramadream, responded, "There have been contacts with the production team."

The above information was exposed on the web due to the casting of the supporting actress, but according to the rumored storyline, it appears to be adapted from the Korean drama, Shining Inheritance.

My Magnificant Life's director will be Chen Ming Zhang. He directed numerous high ratings idol dramas in the past, such as The Prince Who Turns Into A Frog, Fated To Love You, etc... Recently, another idol drama, Love You, directed by him, has reached the No. 1 ratings of 3.34. According to source, Jerry was contacted for Love You initially to team with Rainie Yang.

When Cheng Ming Zhang filmed I Have A Date With Spring, Selina was seriously injuried, and Selina's fiance blamed him for responsibilities. Finally, days ago, after Chen Ming Zhang met with Selina's fiance, the matter was resolved. Yesterday, Jerry's agency, Dramadream said, "Have had contacts with the production team of My Magnificant Life, but it is not conclusive. We are in discussion with several drama projects." Jerry is Ella's friend. When asked whether there is any concern to work with Chen Ming Zhang, Dramadream indicated, "Read in the newspapers that the matter has been resolved, so it should not have any impact."

Jerry at Angie Chai's 50 th Birthday Dinner

TW Next Entertainment Breaking News reported that Jerry and Vanness attended Angie Chai's 50-th birthday dinner yesterday.

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Apr 22, 2011 - Newday New Hope charity event

TW Apple Daily

Yan Cheng Xu Gives Love By Wearing Murakami Takashi's Tee With Ruan Jing Tian
Resume Working In Full Gear After Hidden For One And A Half Year

(only extracted the part about Jerry)

On April 24, Jerry will attend the Newday New Hope charity function held by Apple Daily and Azio, and cooperated with Murakami Takashi.  Source has also confirmed that Jerry will attend Master Kang's endorsement activity/ies and film tv drama in Mainland China in May.  His agency, Dramadream, responded, "The date of the endorsement activity has not confirmed.  For the tv drama, as the contract has not been signed, so there's nothing to review."

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Apr 27, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

Apr 27, 2011 - TW Apple Daily

Yan Cheng Xu Beat Show Luo And Ming Dao
12,000 Voted Him As No. 1 Dream Lover

It was reported that although YCX hasn't filmed any new drama for 19 months, his fans still support him.  Jerry won Yahoo's voting, "Which male lead is your dream lover that you won't miss the idol drama he plays at all?" with 12137 votes, when Show Lup and Ming Dao got the 2nd and 3rd places.  Jerry was also spotted by passersby to sing for sick kids at the National Taiwan University Hospital with Ella and Guang Liang with a low profile. 

Yahoo's voting was held from Apr 18-25 with a total votes of 55819.  After knowing the news, Jerry's very happy.  Although he didn't play in Material Girl, he used this chance to promote the drama for his friend, Vanness.  He said, "This year, the most looking forward event is being able to watch Vanness' Material Girl the most."  

After attending the Newday New Hope charity event on Sunday, Jerry went to National Taiwan University Hospital with Ella and Guang Liang for the sick kids next early morning.  He appeared with a low profile by wearing a baseball cap.  When seeing the babies with rare diseases, he had tears in his eyes, but he lowered his head right away, so no one could find out.  Through his agency, yesterday he said, "Strong power of life can be seen on these kids' bodies, as they try very hard taking every breath on each day.  I also feel that I am very lucky, so I need to work hard, and to live my each day responsibly."  He also hopes to raise more attention for people to care about kids with illness.  

Furthermore, When Murakami Takashi mentioned about the Newday event on his twitter, he said that being on the same stage with Jerry gained a lot of media's attention.  He prasied for Jerry's handsomeness and he thought that Jerry looked taller in person.

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Apr 24, 2011 News - Jerry to resume work :)


It was reported that after stopped working for 19 months, Yan Cheng Xu will resume his work by filming a comedy in Mainland China.  Furthermore, he was spotted watching a play,《王國密碼》, by Li Guo Xiu on the 23rd.  After watching the play, Jerry described the experience as like watching a movie, and it made regain his enthusiasm in acting.

TW Apple Daily

In this news article, Jerry was labelled by Apple Daily as the Drama King and he will attend the Newday New Hope charity event with Murakami Takashi and 30 other artistes this afternoon.  Murakami Takashi indicated that he once saw F4's concert at Budokan in Tokyo, and Yan Cheng Xu who always goes to Japan for work also admires Murakami Takashi's artistic achievement.  According to source, Yan Cheng Xu's fans plan to attend the event, to give their love, and to support their idol on site by wearing tee shirt.  In total, the 4 major fansites of Yan Cheng Xu's have donated more than NT 1.455 millions.
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Apr 21, 2011 - Le He Bao


It was reported that F4 has become a group for 10 years, since last year, there were nonstop attempts by different broadcasting companies and manufacturers to unite them together on stage but without success. Zhe Jiang Satellite TV has not given up and hopes to invite the original cast of Meteor Garden 1 to appear on its program, Mainland China's Dream Come True. This is an mission impossible that including Yan Cheng Xu, no one has received any invitation yet. Furthermore, Ken Chu is filming a tv drama, ZZ has movies, Vanness will release his album, and Jerry's future plan is still unknown.

Quite a number of Jerry fans suspected that Jerry dropped the Material Girl project was due to scheduling problem. However, Material Girl has finished filming, but Jerry has accepted any project offers. His agency responded, "More than tv and movie projects are in discussion. The final decision is yet to be made."

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