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Dateless Jerry Yan once contemplated matchmaking

SHANGHAI: You'd think hunky Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan would have a ton of admirers but that is apparently not the case.

According to Chinese media reports, the 34-year-old heartthrob lamented that he has not had any romantic encounters, since he went on a year-long hiatus to recover from his gastritis.

This troubling state of affairs led the dateless Yan to contemplate going on some matchmaking activities to find love.

"I've thought about it (matchmaking) before.

"To meet a girl that I don't know beforehand would be quite an interesting experience, but I have not had the chance to try it yet," said Yan, during a press event for his upcoming idol drama "My Wonderful Life" in Shanghai on Wednesday.

The former-F4 member explained that it would be rather difficult to for him to get into a relationship, as he does not know how to declare his love to a girl, and was clueless when it came to pleasing the ladies.

Still, the eligible bachelor said he hopes to settle down and start a family in the future.

"I love children. It would be quite a heart-warming scene with me, a big boy holding the hands of a small boy.

"I will definitely be the father who 'bullies' his children," joked Yan.


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  1. oh...and I can be the mother who'll will love you eternally..huh!(in my dreams)..We'll support you all the way! We love You! I'm you're avid fan, loyal to you!!!Please visit us again here in the Philippines!!!!