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Happy Birthday Jerry Yan!

I don't have much time to create a personalized video presentation but I know that there were thousands of fans made their own greetings online and sent their gifts. Wishing you good health, successful career and hope to see you soon :) hahaha.

Weibo update

English translation: MaZu is very cold, but my heart feels warm. Because i have seen the "presents filled with love" that all of you have given me.

Proud of all of you. Also wishing everyone a healthy and happy 2012.

I was browsing videos online when I stumbled AGAIN this MV. And it's my favorite because I was included on the MV hahaha.

And, I promise to watch My Splendid Life :) I've seen the first-two episodes and it's really addicting.

Note to myself: I'M STILL A FAN GIRL.


  1. jerry forever! thank you so much for this heartwarming post for our one and only jerry yan!!!!!

  2. he is still the best!