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Jerry Yan finger injured once again but happy new drama hit 6 million views

source: ChinaYes News & China News

Dec 9,2011

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Jerry's mood has been very down these few days. He was having action training for movie "Hua Yang/Scarlet". In the rolling action, his index fingers was sprained once again. Not long after that, it was swollen to twice of the original size. Jerry went to have the x-ray check the next day. However, upon hearing that his new drama " My Splendid Life" hit 6 million views in Youku site, obtaining the first in the list, he smiled and said, "finally there's something to be happy about".

Jerry always wants to do his best and often made the people around him crazy. It's wasn't easy to film movie Hua Yang/ Scarlet this time. In the movie he acts as a pirate, has to go through action trainings and has to tie his hands and legs. Because of his hand injury, he hesitated many times initially. He was afraid that he will disappoint the director Zero Zhou. Even though he was careful during the recent formal action trainings, he still injured his fingers when he did a rolling action. The quiet training venue heard a clear "Ka Da" sound which shocked the director and the others there. Once again, his right finger was injured.

Jerry assistant expressed that Jerry did not take it to heart initially. However, his finger was badly swollen and gave him intense pains.
He went to see the doctor the next day. Besides doing the x-ray check, the doctor gave him injection into the joints too. A needle went through his fingers thrice. His assistant who was at the side was scared to death and nearly cried out but Jerry endured the pain.

Hot Compression 3 times a day for Rehabilitation

Jerry has to do a hot compressions to his injury three times a day as well must take 2 pellet to help the recovery . The doctor reminded him that his condition is very serious and cannot have any hits on it again. The relapse made his mood down to the bottom.

Luckily, he heard from his staff that his first China Idol drama "My Splendid Life" obtained the first in Youku TV drama list. The number of views hit 6 million. Besides giving him a sigh of relief, he said that he is very happy because the drama gave 2 extreme views at the start. He was worried all the while. Even though he acts as a rich which is the same as Meteor Garden, he attempts it with a different way too. He was afraid that the outside world could not see his effort. Upon knowing the good news, he couldn't help saying, "finally there's something to be happy about."

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