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Lovers are Gamblers

On the set of Jerry Yan's new movie, Lovers are Gamblers (formerly Scarlet). I have seen the movie pamphlet and If you want to see the synopsis of this film, you may visit or view it from this page  posted by Jerry-Ilya

Feb 18, 2012 TW Apple Daily

Feb 18, 2012 TW Apple Daily
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It was reported that only 2 days after the stunt double fell from the 2nd floor, Yan Cheng Xu himself also fell from high place. Yesterday, his agency didn't want to talk much about it by responding, "He's ok. He only wants to do his best when filming."

Hua Yang's producer said that he got some bruises on his leg when he tried to have a front flip on a wire, but he hit a(n) double/extra when he landed." Due to some pain, it affected how he walked initially. However, the production team is rushing the filming as they need to finish before the due date of returning all rental equipments and filming studio. Therefore, YCX, who is very professional, didn't see the doctor until the next day. After the check up, he rushed back to resume the filming again. It was a surprise when his long hair, pirated look was exposed.

Hua Yang's producer praised YCX, "He is super professional. He continues the filming with injuries almost everyday. When something requires 3 scores to finish, he will finish it with 5 scores. Other than praising him for his outstanding performance, the Director also encourages him all the time.

Jerry Yan witnessed body double’s fall

Taiwanese actor Jerry Yan had planned on personally shooting a fighting scene for his upcoming new movie Scarlet recently.

However, as the scene required many tough stunts like back and side flips, a stuntman took his place. Unfortunately during filming, the safety wire snapped and the stuntman fell from two-storey high.

The stuntman was then rushed to a nearby hospital and was fortunately not severely injured.

Jerry, who witnessed the fall of his body double, recalled, "It'd be me that fall, if the wire had snapped a little later."

This is not the first time that injuries have happened on set.

During martial art practice before the filming commenced, Jerry had wounded his right index finger. And just a month ago, the actor suffered from a swollen face when filming for a scene in which he fell into water.

When asked if the film's producer wants to continue with the actor performing stunts personally, she said, "[Jerry Yan] rarely used a body double, but we wouldn't let him do any dangerous scenes."

Jerry has since expressed that he plans to pray for his safety and the well-being of his stunt double.

Feb 15, 2012 - TW Apple Daily

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According to TW Apple Daily, during the filming of Hua Yang 2 days ago, when Jerry's stunt double tried to model some actions for Jerry with the wire, the wire was suddenly broken, and the double fell to the ground from the 2nd floor.  Luckily, after the double was sent to the hospital for check up, he returned to work the next day without injuries.  Jerry, who was shocked, plans to wish good luck for himself and the double in a temple.

The producer of Hua Yang indicated that Jerry wanted to play the stunt himself at first, but the stunt involved 2 very difficult actions that Jerry's double played the actions at the end.  When asked whether it would be more careful not to allow Jerry to play any stunts in the future, she said that basically Jerry wanted to play a lot of stunts himself, but if it's dangerous, the team wouldn't allow at all.