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Jerry Yan's new drama: "In Love We Trust"

September 19 2012 Jerry at Dandong China for new drama, "In Love We Trust" Opening Ceremony

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According to information collected by sisters on the web, the plan of this drama started 2 years ago. For now, only scenery will be shot, so Jerry will go back to TW tomorrow. When all actors arrive on Sep 28, then it will officially start shooting with actors. Jerry will shoot in Dandong for 2 months (by the end of it, it should have started snowing already) and then in Taipei for 1 month.

7 different agencies will collaborate for this project, including Taiwan's CTV. Broadcast copyrights of this drama have been sold in numerous countries already, including Malaysia, Singapore, The Philippines, Vietnam, USA, and Korea. Posted Image

According to Fang Fang, who played Jerry's grandma in MSL and is also one of the investors/actors of this drama, this drama's storyline is like:

The female lead loses her hearing at 18 yrs. old, but she didn't give up. When true love comes, how does she face him? Although she has already had a guy staying on her side since youth and she even thinks that they will be together for this life. However, between love and friendship, there is only a thin line. On the other side, another pair keep on looking for true love. At the end, the man finds true love in Dandong, which is so sincere, so real.

The man on the right side is the Director of this drama. If Jerry really plays a director, then he had the same look as the Director's.