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Dec 5, 2012 - News

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It was reported that Jerry was super professional when filming Hua Yang.  In order to get rid of the burden of being an idol and to fully portray a wild pirate, he initiated the request of adding more scenes, wearing the costumes and painfully swimming in cold water, just to express his anger and pain after knowing that the woman he loves will soon be married to someone else.

Initially, this scene of the pirate's, Scar, showing his pain in his heart had nothing to do with swimming, but after Jerry initiated the discussion with Dir Zero, it was decided to use swimming for expressing the devastation in his heart.

In order to do an outstanding job, in Dec last year, Jerry kept swimming in cold water back and forth for 10 times.  As it was afraid the steam of warm water might affect the outcome of the shots, Jerry could only grind his teeth and stay in the cold water. The first time when he got into the water, he almost lost his balance as the wet costumes were too heavy, and he took him a while to get used to it.  Dir Zero indicated that actually the camera was set on top of Jerry and a diving coach was arranged to pull Jerry's leg down.  Even the ones who know how to swim could not help but feeling some what scared.

As he was too into acting, Jerry didn't find out that his right index finger was bruised.  As he had stayed in the cold water for too long, it totally lost the sense of pain.  In order to film Hua Yang, he got quite a number of injuries throughout his body.  However, Jerry honestly stated that he was quite ambitious on his performance in Hua Yang.  He believed that he would have breakthroughs in these two years, that's one of the reasons why he put in extra effort in his performance.

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