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Ripples of Desire: Premiere and Event Details

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According to Chinatimes (TW) today, Hua Yang Estate, which is open to the public in Kaohsiung, has had over 3000 visits, in which 80% were Jerry's fans.  Regarding the Hua Yang Clothes Exhibit being held at this time, there were 500 visits last weekend.  Among them, 60% were Jerry's fans.  However, he did not make appearances for neither event.  His agent said that he's busy at filming his newest drama, ILWT.

Hua Yang's Producer, Wang Li Ming, said that according to contract, Jerry had to attend several promotional events.  According to Chinatimes, Jerry will attend the autograph session on Dec 25.  He has already asked permission from ILWT's team and he hopes to attend the Taipei premiere on Dec 26.  He may consider getting on some tv programs for promoting Hua Yang, but everything is not confirmed.  In addition, Hua Yang's production team is hoping to gather the main cast on New Year Eve for doing countdown at the theatre.

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